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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dozu888, Jun 5, 2001.

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    Take a look at, most active today, TMPW 34.4% of nasdaq volume, RBAK 31.5% and there are a few others in the 10-20% range. A few months ago their top volume mover is typically in the 10% range of NAZ volume, now 30+% is a bit crazy.

    Seems the true winners in daytrading are the brokerage houses like tradescape. With so much noise going on, I would never add stuff like TMPW or RBAK to my portfolio if I were a fund manager.
  2. You are misreading it. TMPW is not 34% of the Nasdaq volume, it is 34% of Tradescape's volume.
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    Read the page again please.
  4. Add up the percentages on the right hand side. They total well over 100%. After reading it again I don't know what they mean, but it can't be % of Nasdaq, its mathematically impossible.
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    It is the % of total volume of THAT STOCK traded on Nasdaq for the day.
  6. Gene


    Considering the tremendous volume they are showing on these stocks,they must be very widely used. WHY then do they show such a poor rating under "brokers" here on the forum?
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    I think most of their volume is done in their Manhattan office where they use a different software. I had an account with them for a while, they are actually quite reliable most of the time.