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  1. I realize it's a little early to start worrying, but tradescapes' web-site doesn't exist anymore, and of course no telephone communication. Anyone know if it's just a communication problem, or did Tradescape "go away" from yesterday's disaster?
  2. Have you tried to phone them?
  3. Yes, so far all I've gotten is "all lines busy". Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing; but I am concerned.
  4. bundle,

    Call Southwest Securities to find out. I believe Tradescape keep customer money with Southwest Securities.
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    Thank goodness, is now responding. I remember visiting them many times on the 46th floor of WTC, and hopefully they didn't suffer any loss of life. The following is on their home page :

    Emergency Update:
    Due to the World Trade Center tragedy and the closing of US financial markets, Tradescape Corp. and its companies have suspended trading. While our primary focus is to ensure the well-being of our employees, we are also working hard to ensure that all businesses will be operational when the financial markets reopen. We will continue to update this site as the situation changes.
  6. tom_p,

    Aren't their office on Broad Street.
    What is their office at WTC for?
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    crazy_trader, they have offices on Broad, Broadway and other places. I believe the WTC operation was a subsidiary of Momentum Securities, LLC (a subsidiary of Tradescape Corp). And I erred, it was the 45th (not 46th) floor.
  8. Anyone else having connection problems the last two days with Tradescape?