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    Anyone been thru with Tradesafe?

    Any comments?

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  5. Usually websites designed in that nature are bullshit. You have to read all the crap and finally at the end is a price tag. But this one does not have one!! That scares me even more.
  6. I think he knows Jack H!

    Welcome back.... to that same old place my friend!!!!

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    thanks guys for the update. so wat is good out there? seems like most of the systems are not working. I tried woodies cci with inconsistent results. But maybe I did not put in enough effort.
  8. everybody gets inconsistent results with Woodie. He is the Jack Hershey of CCIs...
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    So non here had been thru an honest course and profit from it. Or is it because you gone thru but never follow thru?

    I know it take great pain to become a good trader other than a proper system
  10. I am currently in month 2 of 3 going through TradeSafe with Michael Guess. He teaches a very reliable 4 step day trading method using multiple time frames to identify a trend, waiting for a pullback confirmed by 2 non-correlated indicators, then entering only if the risk is $100 or less. He trades the TF (formerly the ER2). Using his method generates around 2-6 trades a day that I have found to be about 80% accurate. He teaches using Ninja Trader, but supports other platforms as well. As a beginner in day trading, I have found it to be very helpful because he has put everything together for me. I am currently trading on a simulator, but am preparing to go live. In addition to a one day webinar and manual, we meet 3 times a week in an online trading room for 2 hours each, during which time he spends a lot of time on price action, support/resistance and how to trade his method. I learned about Michael from free online webinars that are archived on the PFG Best web site. His course cost me $1500. Although this is my first post and some people find that suspicious, I can assure you that I have never met Michael in person and have no personal or financial interest in his company. I have spent over $10,000 on courses/books and can honestly say that this is the only instruction I have ever received that has actually taught me how to trade profitably.
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