Trades of the Day!...Big Money!...Or not.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EminitraderDM, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. As novice trader I have been searching the internet for trades that people have posted of successful or even unsuccessful trades. Finding this type of resource is extremely rare but valuable.

    Most if not all of us learn from watching others do something well, or terribly, and learn from the mistakes.

    Please by all means post your past and present trades with a chart and short text caption of the trade... How you recognized the opportunity? "and/or" What would you have changed the next time? "and/or" What did you miss for that trade to go so terribly wrong?

    I am looking forward to this!

    **I would post my own if I had any. Although I have been trading a simulator and have been able to average 2 - 3 points a day on the ES by scalping. Scalping wipes you out pretty quick, always on pins and needles!
  2. Here is some real proof that $1000 a day is definitely possible by trading 1 contract. Courtesy of MandelbrotSet

  3. bespoke


    ya, who cares? i could show you statements where ive made 1000 on 100 shares. cherry picking.

    it only matters what you average daily.

    if you can average 1000 per day with one contract.... you should start shopping for private jets
  4. LOL bespoke, don't beat me up.

    I posted my blotter to show the OP one way to approach intra-day trading, not that I could get "A Gee" a day or any other fixed amount. In fact I told him that an average take of $100 to $200 per contract, per market traded, per day, is much more typical over the long haul.

    These huge days which the [financial] futures markets have been delivering to us (and continue to deliver to us) are atypical, and actually symptomatic of an economy which is absolutely rotten to the core, so no, this certainly isn't normal.

    Take advantage of them while they last ...
  5. $1,00 per day on one contract?

    Oh some on you re kidding me right?

    LOL I fell for that one. Good one.
  6. bespoke


    i know you have the common sense to know 1K a day is a dream per contract :)

    but the OP on the other hand.....
  7. LOL is right.

    If anekedoten ever bothered to come here and post his blotter anymore, you would see what a trader can really make on a day like this!
  8. Here is my blotter for today October 6, 2008 from 3:09PM - 4:09PM. This is the first day I ever traded with real data. No formal training. (1 Contract)

    Im much more inclined to short sell for some reason. It took me a couple trades to realize the market was in an up trend and I started wining again lol