trades not showing on tape

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by RunningOnEmpty, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. For about a month, I've been using Questrade's Webtrader 'platform' (using the term loosely here...when the market gets busy, takes over a minute to load a page). It allows routing to Island, arca or will autoexecute (confirmation statements show this is mostly arca).

    I've noticed that trades don't show up on tape, or at least I can't find them...does anyone have any insight into how this would happen? Below is a copy of most recent executions:


    03/04/200413:07:28 Sold977 of CNXT @ 7.56 Detail
    03/04/200413:06:36 Sold1018 of CNXT @ 7.56 Detail
    03/04/200413:06:36 Sold1800 of CNXT @ 7.56 Detail
    03/04/200413:06:36 Sold1205 of CNXT @ 7.56 Detail
  2. alanm


    I do see what appears to be those trades on the tape.

    There's 40x7.56 @ 13:06:34 from ARCA and another 9x7.56 (among many others) at 13:07:28 from ARCA.

    Not sure why the 4K was all batched into one print. Did you have three separate orders on the book that were all hit at once (by a 4023-share buyer)?
  3. Thanks for the response, alanm. My order was for 5000 shares.

    I just assumed that trades would print as per the time stamp on them. (My t&s showed no prints at 13:07:28 at all, and no 977 shares anywhere near that time.)