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  1. Hey.

    Just wanted to post my trades for the week. Feel free to post what you have open as well :)

    Long USD/CAD at 1.1393 and 1.1428
    Short EUR/USD at 1.20325 (Had to get back in :)

    And to everyones disagreement, long GBP/USD at 1.76196 (Very tight, just playing the bounce) Take it easy on me :)

    Good luck this week everyone.
  2. I am fundamentally more bullish towards JPY over USD, eventhough I am long USD against GBP.

    Waiting for a good technical entry. Looking for a limit fill here at 118.813 (a bounce back to the doji)

  3. Ripley, whats your basis for having a bullish bias on yen considering the rate differential theme still in play for 06?

    Have you ever checked out "detachedtrader"? He is currently short Euro/Yen in Asia trading. I use him sometimes for new idea.
  4. well, seeing this is the thread of my friend Kastro, I'm in safe territory, I'll tip my hand and show the EUR/USD trade I've had on since December 28th last year.

    First short is indicated by the lowest white circle in the chart snapshot - this trade is in my Live forex trading account.

    then I opened 2 more short trades as the rate climbed against me (second white circle).

    then the last short I opened - indicated by the top white circle.

    It continued climbing as you can see all the way to 1.2323. you can see the squares higher up where I entered limit orders for additional shorts then canceled them a few times.

    afterwards the rate tumbled.

    my average price is 1.2010. my TP is 1.1800, for a 200-pt profit. I currently got the same 4 open positions live all pointing down.

    no standard indicators are being used in this trade including candlesticks.

    (thanks for the promo space, Kastro! :D)

    Good luck to everyone. Bill and Warren, I thank you ahead of time for your money that is shortly going to be transferred to me because my trading system is superior to both of yours combined - you're both good liquidity providers! :D (Bill, you doof, you should stay with making software that freezes, heh. I'll trade your money for you though!).

    sorry for the wide space - I got dual monitors and don't know how to reduce the size! the view is looking over my shoulder.

    <img src=>
  5. I decided to pull up stakes, guys.

    I been itchin' to get into a deep hole USD/JPY trade where I can maybe drop into an 1800-pt pit (if it moves that far against me).

    A EUR/USD short pays much less interest than a USD/JPY long at this point so my money was just being wasted trading EUR/USD.

    I'm out completely of the EUR/USD pair nor do I plan on trading it for awhile, as the pair is insignificant to me now.

    I'm working out the dollar/yen numbers and plan to enter the trade soon.

    EUR/USD trade closed at 1.1988. :D

    Good goin', sKaLpZ.

  6. drasfs


    Yeah I told you you should go short with GBP/USD, but you wanted to be different you bastard ;)
  7. If you longed everything based on the interest rate differential... Electric wouldn't be driving a 1970's plymouth (sp??)
  8. I thought he drove that due to his hedge fund.
  9. took profit EUR/USD at 1.19672 :)

    Still holding long USD/CAD and short EUR/JPY

  10. wow, good trade, Kastro!

    same direction as me on USD/CAD, too.

    I had that posted in my Big Weenie Trade which got moved to Chit Chat. :D

    I also got into my USD/JPY trade long - man, it took off up on me too!

    you can see charts of them all in CC, thanks to Mr. TLT.

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