TraderZones market makes the ET, he is our MM

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    many have often wondered about what kind of psychology, what kind of mind is needed to keep posting the way traderzones is
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    You started at ET as rcanfiel and you were spamming with links to your fee-base website until ET moderators (magna) shut you down along with deleting your links and posting a public warning to you within your trade journal.

    You then had a temper tantrum via attacking TA, large font messages and then finally started going after other spammers because if you couldn't do weren't going to allow others to do it.

    However, ET didn't forget and begin doing to you as you're currently doing to other spammers. That's when you changed your user name to TraderZones.

    Note: I liked you better when you were spamming because you actually had a positive attitude.

    Then as TraderZones you tried to sell a system here in the "Classified section" for 250k...a system with no verifiable trading record.

    Once again, ET management listen to members complaints and your thread was closed.

    Next, you try to con us by saying you would have shared the revenue with ET owner to justify your attempt to sell your system here at ET. However, ET management never agreed to such a revenue sharing and promptly DELETED your thread.

    I and others are still trying to determine if your constant anti-spam behaviour is some alter ego that doesn't know the other ego you have is as a a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
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    traderzones the professional poster who makes no money
  4. Mods, please move this to the "Psychiatry Section".
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    I am real sorry to come in between LOVE circle between you and traderzones
  6. Your such an actor and a bad one at that because you forgot to use the quotation marks.

    Every word you posted was from a recent message post I made in the firsthourtrading thread.

    Very sad you don't know how to use your own original words.

    Mods...please delete this thread or move it to chit chat because it's just garbage.

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    you don't own your words on ET

    Baron does

    ok cookie, now go to bed

  8. Absolutely! TZ is just another cock-jockey who thinks he is a trader. LULZ!!!

  9. Thanks