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  1. Hi,

    I have been trading full-time since 1998. I am starting a trading blog. Below is my first post. Thanks.

    NDAQ 09/07

    <a href="">MDZ</a> - Canadian pharma and diagnostics company to focus on high growth areas.
    <a href="">NDAQ</a> - breaks out in increasing volume. It's nice to be the house.
    <a href="">CI</a> - watch for breakout, WLP leads.
    <a href="">CERN</a> - Darvas would have loved it.
    <a href="">GME</a> - merger approved by Feds. This is an investment.
    <a href="">WFMI</a> - end of pullback.
    <a href="">PDLI</a> - positive clinical trial results. Going parabolic?

  2. Best of luck.

    I'm in GME from 31 and I agree with it being a little bit of a longer term play, atleast until the Xbox360 and PS3 are released and the big games and apps start rolling out for it.
  3. Thanks Drukes.

    GME is a virtual monoply in a high margin business. The upgrade cycle is relatively short. Once PS3 and Xbox 360 is out, Nintendo will probably come up with something. After that there will probably be high definition games based on new dvd standards.
    It may be in play for a very long time.

    I think yesterday's breakout+range expansion is as good as a new high. A pull back here over the nxxt few days would be great for adding positions. When it breaks 36 it could be a fast move and hard to catch.
  4. Cool stockcharts is that part of there free service and if so how did you link to them like that?


    I figured it out Thanks !

    Nice journal and some excellent picks.
  5. KevinK

    KevinK Guest

    I posted on GME a while back. I am also long. Long term it will be at least 40
  6. Hi Samson, thanks.

    I will post my watch list every night. I think I am good at picking stocks but not so good at managing trades. I hope my watch list can be useful to someone.
  7. Hi Kevin,

    It's at a new high now I hope I added to my position before I post. :) I will stay long GME unless it breaks 200 day EMA. I think it will go to 100. Dream big dreams. :)
  8. <a href="">WSSI</a> - Internet traffic analysis company. High volume accumulation, may pull back since it has been up for a few days.

    <a href="">MEDI</a> - flu vaccine maker. CHIR has been acquired by Novartis and GSK bought IDBE today. Bet with the big guys.

    <a href="">CTRP</a> - China travel is hot. Chinese stocks are often too volatile to trade. The pattern here is compelling though. Wait for a pullback to enter.

    <a href="">HUM</a> - health care is long term winner. WLP, WC, CI, UNH, they all work.

    <a href="">BRNC</a> - Recent energy IPO. Expansion breakout. Jeff Cooper would be interested. Check out other energy IPOS: <a href="">ALJ</a>, <a href="">SWSI</a>.

    Review of previous candidates:

    <a href="">MDZ</a> (-0.39) continues to pullback in low volume.
    <a href="">NDAQ</a> (-0.27) pullback for the first day, low volume
    <a href="">CI</a> (-0.39) It's hard to pick the only loser in the group. I've always been lucky. The group is going higher.
    <a href="">CERN</a> (+1.43) Health IT is good over the long term.
    <a href="">GME</a> (+0.51) New high.
    <a href="">WFMI</a> (+0.36)
    <a href="">PDLI</a> (-0.01) consolidates in low volume.
  9. BRNC is up almost 10%. I would take some profit here (~24.25).
  10. <a href="">ALNY</a> - It's too strong to be ignored. In this tape, if a stock goes up 45% in one day and doesn't pull back. It's telling a good story.

    <a href="">TRCA</a> - end of pullback?

    <a href="">ASI</a> - Property and casualty insurance? Yep, I have been wating for it to rest but it keep pushing higher. Other P&C such as ALL, PRE, RNR, XL, PTP, MRH, PXT are bleeding. ASI is an investment.

    <a href="">NWRE</a> - Today's market is kind of weak, tech (SMH) is surprisingly strong. So I just have to watch a tech stock.

    Review of previous candidates:

    <a href="">BRNC</a> (+2.17) big winner from yesterday. I would be looking to take (partial) profit.

    <a href="">CTRP</a> (+0.72) it wants to go higher.

    Most other stocks are in pullback mode. I like GME, NDAQ, WFMI, CERN.

    MDZ and PDLI are weaker than I thought. <a href="">PDLI</a> made a new high early this morning but closed weak. It's off the watch list.
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