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  1. i think u know the guy; he's head trader at city index and makes many appearances on bloomie especially durin' the w/e. i always liked the guy, he's quite knowledgeable and humble. he's runnin' a website, [free of course] domain is:

    i followed his progresses almost since the domain inception and payed close attention to his 'black box' evolution. it's a predictive model for indexes and studies mainly the dow and the sp indices [big contracts]. he also covers a lot of us stocks, but the box is mainly for indices and i think it can be a valuable instrument to aid u pattern the daily session.

    click on latest analisys on the website and u'll be directed to the maps.
  2. Bit , is that really you or an imposter ?
  3. the website is free, and the box is not for sale...i know the fella; he's a serious trader, head of strategies and trading at city index. i just noticed a drastic improvement on his black box system and thot it is worth havin' a look.
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    I know the guy too, this guy claims to be able to map out the market, yes he says he can kinda predict where the market is going,,, (somthing i thought was impossible)

    Well .. is he good, he has had some good calls some bad ones too .. but hey havent we all ..
  5. I get his daily email. The market maps look interesting, and he does often seem to forecast the days' moves, though with a bit of time lag. However, I've never tried trading off them.

    Has anyone used the market maps for their trading?

  6. tom is a nice fella, makes many calls..good and bad, of course he's a decent trader, otherwise he wouldn't be headin' city index and be a permanent guest at bloomie...trades everythin' from binary options to currencies/uk stocks. the maps have improved dramatically in the past month. as i said they could be valuable to pattern the daily session.

    disclaimer: i dont use 'em...yet.
  7. I don't mean to be controversial, but why do you think he's a good trader? Does he have a published track record?
  8. not that i know, but many of his calls were pretty good, especially those lookin' to catch volumes anomalies on uk stocks subject to M&A activities. also think about it, if u owned a borkerage house would u give the most prestigious position to some1 who's incompetent? this is the only guy i take seriously when he's talkin' on bloomie.
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    A free site but....

    "Discount by purchasing the Matrix through Trader Tom is 10%"

    Hmmm.... could it be a good way of getting commission sales via a "free" site..... :eek: :confused:

  10. i didnt read that and had no clue he was sellin' anythin'.

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