Tradertim blog anyone read?

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  1. I read his blog and he appeared to be very flustered yesterday cause the markets surged and a lot of his puts went to hell.

    he is very overrated. All he does is buy puts and draw lines. Every day he makes about 5-10 smlla predictions and if they fail he ignores it but if he is right he will remind everyone.

    Also, looks like the markets are surging yet again today whihc means his puts will futher in the tank and a little more of his cred will be chipped away.
  2. Is that any worse than what you do?

    Oh and I love his blog. Very good read.
  3. Yea everyone is guitly of doing that but you figure that someone with years and years of trading knowledge and a blog with tons of readers could do better
  4. Just imagine what will they say about you the next time you turn in a terrible one day performance.
  5. I don't read trader tim, but I do read trader tom
  6. How do you know how much money he makes or loses. He's probably doing better than many of us.

    He's a smart guy and runs a free blog sharing his ideas, success and pain. Why the hate?
  7. We pick on cramer all the time. Everyone is open to criticism.
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    I read his blog everyday. He has some good picks but he did say that if the dow breaks out it could easily see huge upside potential. He seems to be favoring more upside here than downside, and he is a huge bear.
  9. He sounds conflicted.

    No doubt he had a very bad trade as a child, and it is unresolved.
  10. I read that blog everyday.

    You know what? He can't predict the market, who the hell can?

    He sets a stoploss on everything, so he got stopped out. Don't rely on others for everything.
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