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  1. Dhonn


    Is anyone familiar with the computers sold by I am considering a purchase of one their computers because they are designed specifically to run quite, cool, fast and are priced competitively. I am interested in their reliability and if they live up to their promise.
    These computers are found at
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  2. cheeks


    Looks a bit pricey.

    I am far from being a computer savy. But you might want to take a look here. They are about 30% less for a similiar system.
  3. i actually bought a computer from these guys years ago ( ), and it is still humming right along. no complaints.

    i would still be buying from them if not that now i build my own.
  4. cheeks


    I don't think set up is the greatest in the world either.

    Personally, I would rather have a Celeron with a lot of RAM,
    than a P4 with 256.
  5. igsi


    Pros: The computers they sell are made of high quality components.
    Cons: They mislead their customers that they design the computers they sell, while, in fact, they resell machines manufactured by Premio, Their claim that "These computers are optimized to work with most trading software" is a total bullshit.

    AFAICT, the people who run that magazine decided to have a little side business as a computer reseller. You can decide for yourself whether they can leverage their publishing expertise to be a better computer reseller or, using false pretenses, they just want to lure people who likely to have money.
  6. Dhonn


    You guys get up early. I appreciate your replies, particularly the link! :D I will take a close look at these computers.
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