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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mktman, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. mktman


    Came across Tradersworld computers today.
    Anybody know anything bout there setups?
    They carry systems specifically designed for trading.

  2. Hubert


    you can build a better machaice you self
    or just order one from

    then just add a Graphics card that supposted more than on LCD
  3. gnome


    Just make sure you have the following minimum:
    1. Win2000 Pro or XP Pro OS
    2. A way to back up your data (Zip or CD burner)
    3. Enough slots to accommodate multiple monitors, if applicable.
    Other than that, it's mostly generic. Some systems will be faster, of course, but you probably won't see it functionally.
  4. CalTrader

    CalTrader Guest

    My company uses dell: they are verified to work with Windows versions - 2000, xp etc. Matrox video cards support multiple monitor setups with Win 2000 very well.

    Bottom line: you can build your own systems or go with a name brand system that works out of the box. When you add up the value of your time it usually pays to go with a system that you know will work.