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    Hi guys,

    How am I supposed to program a strategy with TradersStudio when I cannot find information about what the function return type or value is in the Language Reference.

    For example, I need to know what the SwingHigh function returns, so I can program an if statement in my code checking for the state.

    Here's the text from the "TradersStudio Language Reference":

    SwingHigh -- Function

    SwingHigh(Occur as Double, Price as BarArray, Strength as Integer, Length as Integer)

    The SwingHigh function syntax has these parts:

    Part Description
    Occur Double
    Price BarArray
    Strength Integer
    Length Integer


    Come on guys... serioulsy. Somebody please let me know, if I'm wasting my time learning the Basic language of TradersStudio and piece of software, that the only one who can use it is the software developer himself!?!?!

    Is there an updated Language Reference out there somewhere......?

  2. 20110704


    I don't know the program, but knowing TradeStation the function returns an interger not an array.
  3. Why don't you use a print statement to find out what values the function generates?
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    There is one quirk with the debugger, it's one line off. When it stops on a line , the bug actually happened one line above.
    This means the type mismatch is happening on the function call.
    Your passing a strength as a bararray, The function expects an integer so you get a type mismatch.