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    Are there any users of the following testing platforms that would be kind enough to post a brief review of experiences, likes and dislikes etc?

    (1) Traders Studio (
    (2) Trading Blox (

    I am looking for something that is akin to the old DOS based Trading Recipes.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    I actually already have Trading Recipes, but for some reason it causes all sorts of conflicts when run on my laptop, hence the reason for something more up to date.

  3. Why don't you try a few "DOS emulators"?

    There are many free ones out there...
    And also high end stuff like VMWare.


    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Thanks for the advice,......however,

    Yea----- you're right; i could probably get it to work. But rather than piddle around with techie software that will enable other software to work seamlessly with some other software (win XP); i think i'd rather annoy my wife and spend some $$$ to upgrade to something new.:)

    So....... back to my original query: is anyone using tradingblox or traders-studio? Willing to post a review?

    Why am I here at 10pm on a Friday night?
    Why are you reading this at a weekend?
    Why is the fluff in your belly-button always blue?

  5. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    If you are evaluating TradersStudio you need to look at the new version, 2.0. This is a free upgrade for existing users and is due out in mid April 2006. This product has totally programmable money management. You can scale in and out of trades and resize positions. Anything that Trading Recipes can do can be done in TradersStudio 2.0. This includes pyramiding, scaling in and out of partial positions and more.

    We support trading overseas futures and automatically convert from the native currency into dollars on a day-by-day basis. We simply use a currency conversion file, which for example can be created with CSI or Pinnacle data. We then assign that to the futures contract when we set up the data universe.

    We have a very rich programming language, which is a cross between VB for applications, like Excel uses and TradeStation EasyLanguage. In addition remember you can migrate existing TradeStation systems to TradersStudio, most of the time with just a few mouse clicks.

    If you not a programmer don't worry, we have a system wizard, which will write systems for you based on available templates, which you can combine. You can now write a system with a few mouse clicks.

    In addition we support intra-day backtesting and money management simulations. You can also optimize across a portfolio and then with a mouse clicks analyze the system performance on a market-by-market basis. We have special custom reports and custom charts, which you can control in your code.

    We have a global macro language which let's you automate your analysis, for example you can write a macro to run 10 different systems and print active orders or change the markets you are trading based on your results. You have total control of the program from the global macro language.

    If you are a stock trader, TradersStudio stock contracts now supports dividend adjustments. TradersStudio stock contracts allows you do solve the program of optimizing a basket of stocks, because it trades using the actual prices of each stock so the relative price relationship in the portfolio is not destroyed.

    We also have special money management features for stock traders including, working with margin accounts and the ability to screen which stocks to trade. You can for example filter out all trades with a relative strength less than 80.

    You don't have to compromise on charting, either. TradersStudio has many different types of charts in which you would expect to see in a high end-charting program. We also have built in indicators, custom indicators with up to 99 plots. We also have advance features like, trading advisors which are like expert commentary, color bars, Mark bars, drawing tools like Trend lines, Fibonacci retracement and more.

    The cost of TradersStudio at least for now is only $499.00. If you purchase TradersStudio now you will get a free upgrade to 2.0. We will also offer an upgrade to the release of the real time version for only $399.00, when it becomes available later this year.

    I have also attached a session report and a Trading Plan report to this post. A session is a system run on one or more markets. A trade plan is one or more systems combined with or without money management.
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    I guess you've seen this Looks like a windows edition of Trading Recipies so if you're using TR you may get some sort of upgrade deal?? Worth a try anyway.

  7. where did traders studio get their TICK data to test intra day strategies with ?
  8. Murray Ruggiero

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    We have currently cut deals with a few data vendors to supply 1 min and 5 minute bar data for selected market as test data. This is only for use as sample data, and will often be several months old. TradersStudio can read asc files of any timeframe starting with 1 minute bars so you can do testing beyond the sample data, using any vendor that can create ASC files of any bar size. We are still finishing our arrangements for a full range of historical data so , I currently can not discuss this topic yet.

    We also supply sample end of day data which Pinnacle and CSI have allowed us to use.
  9. what about tick data and not one minute bar data - if the smallest increment trader studio is going to have is one minute data and not tick data - I would wonder
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