TradersStudio Summer Sale

Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Murray Ruggiero

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    TradersStudio is very excited about the new release of Version 2.5 a month ago. If you missed buying TradersStudio before the price increase, I have good news!

    A mid Summer Sale! Receive a 10% discount off of any product on the TradersStudio website, from July 22, 2007 to August 7. This includes the TradersStudio software, Systems, Addins, Data, and Books.

    Futures Truth has ranked two of Murray Ruggiero’s systems at the top of it’s multi-market systems. These two systems are SuperTurtle™ and the Trend Harmony (Simple Harmony) System. SuperTurtle is ranked number 1 multi-market system since release! Trend Harmony is ranked number 3. SuperTurtle is part of Murray Ruggiero’s System pack, which lists for $399.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and $899.00 including a copy of TradersStudio. This is your chance to get these packages at these prices, before the price increase.

    The Trend Harmony bundle is the best deal on the site. Receive Trend Harmony Bundle along with Murray Ruggiero’s System pack. The cost of this is $999.00 without TradersStudio and $1399.00 with TradersStudio. With this purchase Murray has announced to ship the System Pack as a bonus (which includes top ranked SuperTurtle system) for the first 50 orders, this will not be packaged together in the future.

    TradersStudio 2.5 Genetic Optimizer™

    One new addin is the Genetic Optimizer, which speeds up optimizing your trading systems by 1000% to 2500%. Yes! You are reading this right! Optimizations that once took eight hours can now be run in as little as 30 minutes! This addin is just $149.00.

    Please call toll free 1-866-550-0550, or email for more informati
  2. Is CSI data included as a part of the sale?
  3. Murray Ruggiero

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    Due to the fact that many people E-Mailed us about being on vacation during the period of our sale ,we extended it to August 20th midnight, which is in a few days. Here is a chance to get 10% everything in our store including both CSI and Pinnacle Data as well as TradersStudio.

    You can even get a 10% discount on SuperTurtle and Trend Harmony.
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    We are on the last day of our 10% off sale. It ends midnight tomorrow.
  5. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    We only have a few more hours left on our 10% off sale.