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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by leapfrog, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Thought I would offer a quick post of my experience with TradersStudio 2.0 which I recently tried out.

    I am a little reluctant to do so because my experience was not a positive one however I would really like to see Murray succeed with this product. It is simple, well designed and a bargain price. I think if a customer can get it to do just one thing it would be worth the money. In my case, I could not get any luck out of it. Murray indicated that many of the problems I had should be fixed in later versions.

    In general, I experienced a lot of bugs with the software. Simple things like changing the printing width for a report caused crashing, the log scale equity report goes all whacky in the first few trades, on a simple multi-contract trading system the program somehow entered multiple contracts but exited just a single contract - things like that.

    The migration tool did not work at all. Apparently the conversion tool was designed around TS 2000i, not TS 8.X. I could not get any of my systems into the platform - this is just my experience. Apparently according to Murray he has many hundreds of satisfied customers - so take my comments for what they're worth.

    I could not duplicate the results of the 4 pre-packaged trading systems that Murray offers - one is called "Turtle", another "SuperTurtle". These are not the Turtle trading system of course, but systems based on breakouts. They looked fine in concept but the platform had issues in replicating the results. These could probably be resolved with some investigation but I skipped past doing that.

    On the positive side, Murray tried hard to resolve the issues I was having. Some might have been resolvable with a fair amount of work, others would need to be fixes in new versions.

    Upon returning the product under the 30 day trial period, I found out there is a "restocking fee" of some kind - could not find that anywhere in the "Buyer's Agreement" but I must have just missed that.

    Overall, the product shows promise and I hope Murray does well with it.
  2. I purchased it last summer, and started to learn it for just 2 weeks. Now, I realized that it not well-designed for forex player at all. There are no msg avaible for forex tradeplan at all though it includes slippage, spread, interest rate set-up. For me with no experice of tests/w and programmering, it is unrealistic to develop my trade system. No time to learn, and I just want to sue it correctly. Maybe I need to learn how to code trading idea, but why I purchased it. Learn from failure always. Hopefully TS can do the things as it advertises.
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    Have you tried contacting the technical support of TradersStudio or sending a Private Message to Mr. Murray. If not, then please do so, for their support is prompt, and good. Besides that, they have a helpful attitude.
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