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    TradersStudio today announced today March 2, 2011 the release of TradersStudio Professional. TradersStudio Professional has over 400 new trading functions added plus a dozen new analytical charts and reports. Murray Ruggiero Vice President of Research and Develop for TradersStudio and also chief system designer at Tuttle wealth management says:
    Several large hedge funds have purchased multiple copies of TradersStudio to use as their research platform. These funds have traders who can afford to use anything or even spend a million dollars to write their own.

    Let’s look at some of the features of TradersStudio:

    • Develop Test and Analyze trading systems on a single market or portfolio of markets with just a few mouse clicks.
    • Tools to help you evaluate what is the chance your system will continue to work in the future.
    • New functions which allow you to add advanced logical functions to your systems with just a signal function call, like disabling a entry signal after you have been stopped out.
    • Powerful Analytical Tools - Start Trade Drawdown graph, portfolio correlation matrix and more
    • Develop and realistically backtest Forex trading systems including accurate dynamic account margins and the effect of interest rate differential
    • TradersStudio has advanced stock screening and money management; you can rank signals and only take top signals. The rankings can be based on relative strength or any custom function you create.
    • The most powerful and accurate analysis of equity trading systems ever developed including the real entry price as well as the effects of splits and dividends. This allows true money management applied to stocks, something other products can’t do.
    • Allocate money and filter signals by sector
    • Any system can be tested using walk forward analysis with just a few mouse clicks; walk forward reports let you analyze the systems walk forward performance. Our walk forward feature is the best in the industry and only one which can perform walk forward analysis on a portfolio.
    • TradersStudio real power is combining multiple systems and being able to develop apply money management between them. TradersStudio money management also allows you to rebalance positions on the fly. Anything you can think of, TradersStudio can do.

    Get more information about TradersStudio at or by calling 1-866-550-0550.
  2. This is good news. Also, saw that the website looks good and easier to navigate. It is certainly an improvement. What is the offer for existing users?
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    People who purchased version 2.5 and people who also have a gold or platinum membership can get the upgrade for free. If you purchased version 2.0 or earlier and did not buy a membership you need to either buy a membership or a upgrade listed on our site in order to get an upgrade to the Professional version.

    Membership link

    Upgrade Link
  4. Mr. Murray, nice to know about the release of the Professional version :)

    By the way, I was looking to get CSI world futures and checked out with CSI, they charge $850.00 for the package. Please see here:

    I know that you sell CSI data, so would like to know whether you sell a similar package and if so, what is your price? Thanks :)
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    I have a special offer on the World Futures package for $435.00 for customers of TradersStudio. The package is the same one discribed above and is drop shipped by them.

    We did not realize CSI raised the price again. They will most likely make us increase it soon.
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    Special offer from TradersStudio

    Pinnacle Indices & Futures Data Package

    Includes A full Year Of Updates!

    This Data package from Pinnacle Data, gives you a historical database for commodity futures prices, volume and open interest. The database covers 80 commodities some going back to 1969, which is 35 years of history.

    It includes complete futures back adjusted contracts, including merge Pit/Electronic for backtesting and trading markets which have switched to electronic.

    Deep History, All Individual contract History

    Forex Daily and borrowing and lending rate data.

    Complete IDX database from Pinnacle.

    It includes the free Data Maker® software to create backadjusted, ratio and non-adjusted continuously linked contracts. In addition, you will receive what is needed to make back-adjusted contracts, and also each individual contract going back to 1969 which is about 8700 contracts (a $416. value).

    With this offer you will receive a full one year of updates only from our site customrs, and also you’ll receive the following mentioned above as a gift from Pinnacle:

    · Commodity Deep history

    · Complete IDX database

    · Forex daily data and lending rates

    Receive a year updates and the Futures Data package, for only $243.00, which is a retail value of $750.00.
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    I am in CT, not to far from Stamford about 30 minutes a way.
    I wonder , if there any interest in an eductational event if I had it in CT.
  8. Plenty of traders along the coast from Greenwich to Southport... depending on event details, I'm sure there'd be interest.
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    I am thinking of a dinner meeting. Cost would be $100.00 to $125.00 including a 4 course dinner and seminar materials.
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