TradersStudio Nominated for TraderPlanet Best Trading Software

Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Today announced that TradersStudio was nominated for best Trading software. You can vote for TradersStudio using this link. Scroll down to the Trading Software category.
  2. :)
    Here is your chance every one, to say thank you to Murray & his team of cyber Elves for all of the hours he spends answering the endless questions you have.....
  3. The software category doesn't include Sierra Chart and the brokers don't include the one with more trader's than any other, Interactive Brokers.

    Enough said.
  4. Murray Ruggiero best at anything - LOL.

    What a list of no-names. Easy to win when none of the real front runners are competing.

  5. ehsmama


    But I want to vote for TradingBlox....Why is that not on the list
    I seriously think...that product has much more to offer than studio
  6. Almost none of the "names" in the biz are listed plus I don't know of hardly any real package that doesn't beat this studio.

    In a call with them - the longer the call the longer the list of missing features and abilities. I kept asking the guy what the package did that other packages didn't and why should I consider switching - his answer was always "well, maybe it isn't for you." When it was finally revealed that it only really functions with end of day data and then only barely competes - I hung up.

    Just as Murray pays to pump his stuff here, one can't help but wonder what it took to be considered for this comparison and how come most of the competitors are little known and why none of the real names in trading software made the list. I smell a fix.

    What is it exactly you wish to do????? "well, maybe it isn't for you." might be the right answer.

    If you wish to nominate a product perhaps one could email Trader Planet ? Recommend your favorite software product and give them 10 reasons you think it is so wonderful, may be you could start a post your self could be the members of this board might be interested???

    IMHO you should take a step back and ask your self a few questions?

    Do I wish to be a trader or a builder of trading systems? Or both?
    What style of trading do I wish to master?
    How much time do I have to dedicate to this enterprise?
    What skills do I poses?
    How much time do I have to acquire new skills?
    What is it I require from a platform?
    No 1 platform will do every thing in creation......others have attributes that match ones skill-set , do we not live in a wonderful diverse world, something for every one:) TradersStudio is for me!
  8. Just trying to mitigate a lot of unwarranted braggadocio about a sub-standard product and maybe save some newbie some money and a lot of disappointment.

  9. :cool: Here is a list I made up a wile back of the things I like most about TradersStudio

    Separate money management for Stocks, Futures, Forex
    Ability to run multiple sessions in a Trade Plan and use your pool of money that can be allocated between multiple strategies and markets
    Ability to optimize portfolios
    Assimilated money management
    Use any Data Vendor you wish and use multiple feeds in your session
    Use any Broker you wish
    Create custom reports
    Ability to build virtual systems
    Source level debugger
    Fully programmable in 1 language
    Converts Easy Language in a couple of clicks
    Programing wizard
    Excellent add ins
    Fast Tech support
    3D optimizer to show you how your parameters perform
    Online help and at TradersStudio web site you can find: webinar’s, books, traders tips.:)
  10. Impressive list. Since when did Traders Studio go "real time" ?
    For quite a while, it was only a backtesting platform, no ?
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