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    Happy Holiday Sale

    Happy holidays to all! This season receive a 10% discount off any products on the TradersStudio website, ( ) from December 6, 2008 to January 1, 2009. This includes the TradersStudio Trading Platform software, Systems, Addins, Data, and Books.

    If you've been thinking about buying TradersStudio here is a chance to save about $50.00 on TradersStudio software alone!

    TradersStudio Product

    Futures Truth has ranked two of Murray Ruggiero's systems at the top of the multi-market systems. These two systems are SuperTurtleT and the Trend Harmony (Simple Harmony) System. A superturtle is ranked number #1 multi-market system since release! Trend Harmony is ranked number #3. SuperTurtle are part of Murray Ruggiero's System pack, which lists for $399.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and $899.00 including a copy of TradersStudio.

    TradersStudio & SuperTurtle

    Receive the Trend Harmony bundled along with Murray Ruggiero's System pack. The cost of this is $999.00 without TradersStudio and $1399.00 with TradersStudio. With this purchase Murray has announced to ship with the System Pack as a bonus the top ranked SuperTurtle system! Only available for this special offer this will not be packaged together in the future.

    Trend Harmony

    TradersStudio & Trend Harmony

    The TradersStudio Membership Programs:

    The TradersStudio Gold and platinum membership programs offer a great value. You receive the Genetic optimize, CodeWizard and the 3D Excel Optimizer addin. In addition receive free upgrades to TradersStudio for the next year. This will include version 2.7 which includes many added reports and features, such as daily and quarterly equity reports and well as drawdown reports and distribution charts.

    Here is a link to the Gold and Platinum memberships.

    Gold Membership

    Platinum Membership

    Please call toll free 1-866-550-0550, or email for more information.
  2. That is a good offer, Mr. Murray. :)

    What is the upgrade policy for the new version?
  3. oraclewizard77

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    Let's say I want the trend harmony bundle. Do I need TraderStudio to get it to run?

    For example, lets say I have a broker account with Midas Futures. Do I get a signal from the system software say end of day and enter it into ninjatrader to place the orders?

    I guess I am wondering what I need to be running to get the system to work for me. Also, it looks like I need a $ 58,000 account for the system to be effective, or can I trade mini contracts?

  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    You need TradersStudio to run the system but at our prices, that should not be an issue, $1300.00 for a system and TradersStudio is still a good deal. Most vendors charge more than that for just TradeStation code.

    Yes, you can put the trend harmony trades into ninjatrader and place your orders. In addition that portfiolo used a full natural gas contract, I can post results with the natural gas scaled like a mini. That would reduce the drawdown. In addition, if you use a measure like start trade drawdown, you will see that you have only a 10% chance of a drawdown of more than 18K and about a 5% chance of more than a 20K drawdown. This is still based on a full natural gas contract and would be less for the mini.
  5. oraclewizard77

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    Ok, please either post the results or pm them to me for the mini contracts, and also if you can let me know what the symbols are for the mini contracts.

    Thanks Again,
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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    The Mini Natural Gas, has not been around for that long so I am going to scale the big contracts in the backtest.
  7. I see from Pinnacle web site that they have increased their prices on updates, but your prices have not increased yet. Are you going to increase them too?
  8. Please may I have the answer?
  9. Murray Ruggiero

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    The upgrade to pro is free for people who purchased 2.5 as the last version they paid for or are on a gold or platinum membership plan.
  10. Murray Ruggiero

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