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    Happy Holiday Sale

    Receive a 10% discount off any products on the TradersStudio website, from December 6, 2007 to January 2,2008. This includes the TradersStudio software, Systems, Addins, Data, and Books.

    If you have been thinking about buying TradersStudio here is a chance to save about $60.00 on TradersStudio!.
    Here is a link to TradersStudio for easy reference.

    Futures Truth has ranked two of Murray Ruggiero’s systems at the top of it’s multi-market systems. These two systems are SuperTurtle™ and the Trend Harmony (Simple Harmony) System. SuperTurtle is ranked number 1 multi-market system since release! Trend Harmony is ranked number 3. SuperTurtle is part of Murray Ruggiero’s System pack, which lists for $399.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and $899.00 including a copy of TradersStudio.

    The Trend Harmony bundle is the best deal on the site. Receive Trend Harmony Bundle along with Murray Ruggiero’s System pack. The cost of this is $999.00 without TradersStudio and $1399.00 with TradersStudio. With this purchase Murray has announced to ship the System Pack as a bonus (which includes top ranked SuperTurtle system) for the first 30 orders, this will not be packaged together in the future.

    TradersStudio Membership Programs.

    TradersStudio Gold and platinum membership programs offer a great value. You get the Genetic optimize,CodeWizard and 3D Excel Optimizer addin. In addition you get free upgrades of TradersStudio for the next year. This will include version 2.7 which includes many added reports and features, such as daily and quarterly equity reports and well as drawdown reports and distribution charts. Here a link to the Gold and Platinum memberships.

    Gold Membership

    Platinum Membership

    Please call toll free 1-866-550-0550, or email for more information
  2. That looks good Mr. Murray. When is the above sale offer ending? Any extra bonus?
  3. Murray Ruggiero

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    Currently it scheduled to end Jan 1,2008. We will extend it to January 6th.
  4. Thank you, Murray. I shall keep this in mind and consider your product. I am thinking of buying it, but have not yet decided.
  5. It seems that you do not have "Monte-Carlo Analysis" in TradersStudio, Why so?
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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    That is not true. We have a Monte-Carlo analysis macro which is written in TradersStudio basic and uses functions we have developed for custom designing Monte-Carlo analysis. This is complete with charts and distribution analysis of drawdowns based on this analysis. We even have function which help solve issues of serial correlation and Monte-Carlo analysis.
  7. If that is the case, Mr. Murray, please do send me the sample of Monte-Carlo analysis report.
  8. Murray Ruggiero

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    I will post one today on ET.
  9. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    I have included the code for it written in TradersStudio macro's. A sample random equity curve and a drawdown distribution as calculated by the macro.
  10. Thanks for the above zip file, Mr. Murray. The Monte-Carlo analysis is a macro written in studio, so I can develop a more advance version of it. For example, I can do a Monte-Carlo and save all the equity curves.

    But, I want to know as to whether I can modify the same and add more features. I have just purchased TradersStudio.
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