TradersStudio Holiday 15% off sale

Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Murray Ruggiero

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    TradersStudio announced a 15% off sales on all of our products at This includes data. This means that you can buy TradersStudio for less than $425.00 and still get a free upgrade to the professional version when it's available in January. The sale price will show up during checkout in the shopping cart.

    You can also buy our gold and platinum memberships at 15% off. These memberships have great utilities like a programming wizard and genetic optimize and also allow older customers to get a free major upgrade. If you are one of our older customers the membership packages will entitle you to get the Professional upgrade for free. Older customers are define as one who purchased version 2.0 or older as their last paid version.

    We also have Murray's newest trading system available with a 15% discount.

    In addition our data special for the holiday's is , if you buy Pinnacle Futures database , you will recieve not only the deep history and forex data but also the whole IDX database a 274.00 value free using this sale and still get 15% off the Futures database product.

    This package above will come with this package free during this holiday sale.

    Many products are available for download by e-mail request so you can play with them over the holiday.
  2. Are you saying that if I buy Pinnacle Futures database now, I will get their index database for free?
  3. Murray Ruggiero

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    Yes, it's a great deal.
  4. r-in


    How long will the deal run?
  5. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    Till the end of the year.
  6. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    I checked with the Web master, the sale runs to January 6th. I was not sure of the exact date in my last post.
  7. Gyles


    Please let us know if we own the original "Harmony" system, how much discount can we expect on the latest "Harmony 2010" system?
  8. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    The system will be priced around $695.00 for existing Harmony owners. It's a major update and improvement.

    In terms of the sale we are extending it to the Jan 15th.
  9. Murray Ruggiero

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