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Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, May 1, 2013.

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    Check out our TradersStudio Blog , .

    We have tutorials on many different trading ideas such as equity curve feedback and how to correctly handle data for realistic results for stocks and ETF's.

    In addition our free demo is available still on All you need to do is register on our site for the free demo. Any of the code in the blog can be run using this demo so you can try it out for free.
  2. Looks promising, still, I only would need it if the following
    functionality is implemented:

    1. Does TS have fundamental Data on Stocks?

    2. Can Stocks be ranked based on criteria like volume, momentum, size,
    and fundamental data?

    3. Can then the top 10 (or whatever number) of stocks be put in a
    portfolio, been hold for a certain time until they fall out of the top
    rankings and can this be tested?

    Edit: From what I saw, I think TS goes into the right direction.
    What a stock positions trader whats is to be able to implement stuff
    like this:


  3. just saw it on your site,
    Stock rotation and screening works...
    but I think the fundamental data is not (yet?)

    So stuff like that should be doable with TS:


  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    Yes, these types of strategies are doable with a little coding in TradersStudio.
    We have simple demo's of implementing relative strength based analysis in TradersStudio available for free.
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    Another issue with equity analysis is handling stock splits and dividends correctly. See split or split/dividend adjusted data creates issues because you need to buy same dollar value of each stock in a portfiolo to make the money management work. You can size positions using even average true range.

    Our analysis in TradersStudio solves all this. We will be making a blog post on this methodology within the next few days.
  7. This looks good. I want to try some of the ideas suggested in my version of the TradersStudio software. I like the post on split adjustments… Perhaps in the future you'd like to post more about what new features you'll be including?
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    We will have some exciting announcements soon. I will keep you updated.
  9. Yeah, this blog will definitely be helpful. I’d like to see more screenshots or maybe even videos though. I think those would help me get these concepts better…
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    Any topics you would like to see covered
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