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Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Jul 4, 2006.

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  2. Would this wonderful offering include the Turtles original rule sets for position sizing, risk management and when to add additional markets to the portfolio? If so, what source did you use to obtain the original rule set? Did it come from one of the original group members or not?
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    It includes the last trade filter and ATR sizing but not any scaling in or portfolio adjusted rules. It did not come from one of the original members , but I am also not trying to overcharge for it either. I am including three other systems I developed in the package so four system fully disclosed, for $299.00 more than TradersStudio is a good deal. It is not like I am trying to sell just the original Turtle system. I have included systems which are based on my original concepts also which have held up. Some of these systems are versions of systems I originally released over eight years ago.
  4. Murray:

    I appreciate your honest reply. I think your offering would be a good one for a trader who wants to get involved in systems development.

    Hope you have a pleasant holiday.

  5. What is the difference between the Turtle and Super Turtle system(s)? Could you shed some light as to why it makes 40% more than original system.

    Also , I am looking at your other system Trend Harmony. What is the difference between Trend Harmony and the Turtle system?

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    Super Turtle uses Cycle Analysis based on Hilbert transform to set the number of days to use for the breakout dynamically.

    Trend Harmony uses previous Swing highs and lows to find natural support and resistance points to use for setting the breakout levels. This is different than indicator based trend following systems and also much different than the Turtle System.
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    I work 12 hour days and I do not have the ability to quit my employer and trade full time. I am very interested in the super turtle items. Is there a way to autotrade the system through a broker or another way for people like myself where we do not have the ability to trade during the day?

    Thank You,
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    You can use a broker who will trade the system for you. I have several brokers who are all set up to trade it . PM me and I can give you more details.
  9. One of the orginal turtles Michael Covel sells this same system for only 1999.00. All software and personal instruction included.

    Why pay someone who isn't a real turtle? Its copywrited anyway.

    B vary wary of anyone who is not a original actual turtle selling something called turtle system. Tons of misinformation is being spread. Stick with the real thing.

  10. When will TS have RT? I am eagerly awaiting!!!
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