TradersStudio 4th of July Sale

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  1. Murray Ruggiero

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    * Independence Day Special *
    Receive a 10% discount off any products purchased on the website, from July 3, 2008 to July 17, 2008. This includes the TradersStudio software, Systems, Addins, Data, and Books, even the products listed below which have already been discounted.

    If you’ve been thinking about buying TradersStudio, now is the time! It is now selling for $499.00 down from the $599.00 price! Also receive 10% off, so your cost will be $449.10! In addition if you buy now you will get free upgrade to Pro version due out before the end of summer. That version will sell for $899.00

    Futures Truth has ranked two of Murray Ruggiero’s systems at the top of its multi-market systems. These two systems are SuperTurtle™ and the Trend Harmony™ (Simple Harmony) System. SuperTurtle is ranked number 8 multi-market system since release! Trend Harmony is ranked number 5. SuperTurtle is part of Murray Ruggiero’s System pack, which lists for $399.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and new purchases $799.00 including a copy of TradersStudio.

    The Trend Harmony bundle is the best deal on the site. Receive the Trend Harmony Bundle along with Murray Ruggiero’s System pack. The cost of this is $999.00 without TradersStudio and $1299.00 with TradersStudio. This is a chance to get two of the top trading systems at an incredibility low price.

    The Universal Seasonal product calculates several of the walk forward seasonal measure, in a walk forward manner. While analyzing data up to 2008 we’re only using data through to 2005, 2006, and up to 2007, etc. This allows you to backtest seasonality while minimizing the effects of hindsight. This is a TradersStudio version of the Universal Seasonal which I released in the 1990’s for TradeStation®. This package comes with a S&P500 timing model based on the Ruggiero-Barna indicator from the mid 1990's which has produced over 650K at 250.00 a point with only a 55K drawdown on a big contract since 1982! Hard to believe you can get this for $149.00 and now for a limited time you’re getting another 10% off.

    The TradersStudio Membership Programs:

    TradersStudio Gold and Platinum membership programs offer a great value. You get the Genetic Optimizer, The Programming Code Wizard and the 3D Excel Optimizer addin. In addition, you get free upgrades of TradersStudio for the next year, included in this membership.

    With the purchase of one of the Membership packages you will also receive, when released, the upgrade to TradersStudio Professional. This is a major upgrade to the existing product and will be priced at $899.00! Version 2.7 will be available soon, which will still be priced at $499.99 but your upgrade will be the Professional product if you act now.

    10% will be applied in shopping cart

    Click special offer link below for more information.

    Please call toll-free 1-866-550-0550.

    Email for more information
  2. Thanks for the wonderful sale offer! :)

    Can I know something more of the "The Universal Seasonal product"? Can we obtain it separately? Can it be used to trade Rydex funds , using the S&P500 system?

    Happy Independence Day! :)
  3. Gyles


    A very happy belated "Happy Independence Day!" :)

    Regarding the add-ins of TradersStudio, please may I know whether the "Report day database" is sold by itself or as part of complete addin suite? How is the data updated?
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    It is available as part of the suite or stand alone. The current report day database has reports ,first days of notice and auctions dates till the end of 2008.

    What is special about this data is it's preprocessed so that you get days till next report and days since last report for each item in our database.
  5. Mr. Murray, can you please extend the above sale by a week or so? Please respond, so that I can know.
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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    We did extend it , you will be able to get the sale prices till at least midnight Monday, July 21. We are taking the sale down Tuesday when the web master gets in.
  7. Thanks, Mr. Murray. I did purchase it. I am looking forward to using it now. :)

    Please clarify above & give some examples.
  8. Gyles


    Thanks for the answers, Mr. Murray. :)
  9. Are you running a sale on labor day weekend like you did for 4th of July?