TradersStudio 2.5 Update

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    TradersStudio 2.5 Update

    We released our upgrade version 2.5 a few weeks ago, but have just now enabled updated site content for version 2.5. The overview on the site has been updated. Here is the link to it.

    We will be continuing to update the site over the next month or so. This will include many new tutorials and videos.
  2. Hello Murray, do you have a real time version yet?
  3. Never heard of this.
    What is this for?
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    Not yet , it is in beta. Currently it supports, IB, J-Trader and I ESignal Feed.
  5. Thanks, I'll be looking out for it.

  6. Hi Mr Ruggiero,

    I've been reviewing TS over the last few days, and it seems that it meets my needs quite well. Can I ask a few questions?

    1. Do you now offer a demo version? You did say in an earlier thread that there will be one for the 2.5 version. Failing that, is it possible to have a look at the documentation i.e user guide etc?

    2. Can you explain in simple terms what a session & a trading plan are? What are the differences between the two? BTW, unless I'm mistaken - I think the blurb on sessions in the overview section of your website is actually a general overview. Infact the word 'session' is not mentioned once apart from in the title. No wonder I couldn't figure out what a session is. :D

    3. Regarding the drag & drop functionality in the Programming Wizard: do you support the concept of reuseable/interchangeable components? For instance plug & play capability for Entries, Exits, Risk Management etc. Similar to what TradingBlox call blocks. I know OpenQuant also supports the same concept. Is that what the templates are?

    4. Also is it possible for one to write his own templates that can then be dragged & dropped into a new system?

    5. Can I access data from other time frames in a system - e.g if my system is based on daily charts, will I be able to access OHLC data for weekly bars and even indicator series based on weekly bars?

    6. Will version 3 support constant tick & constant volume bars?

    7. Any plans to support automated trading?

    8. In an earlier thread, you also promised user-definable indices. Are these now available? FWIW I don't think it should be an add-in. I can understand having the NN & GA Optimizer as add-ins, but user definable indices is a standard feature in tools such as Amibroker. I guess it's the same argument for making your Programming Wizard part of the core program, since it's pretty much a standard feature in competing products.

    9. Finally, why did you use a proprietary language? Why not C# or even VB.NET? Not only would it have been less work for you, these are transferrable skills - meaning that people that know these languages could use TS at the drop of a hat & does that don't will have a motivation to learn them, since they can be used elsewhere e.g OpenQuant, NinjaTrader etc. I don't think that would have prevented your ability to migrate EasyLanguage code to TS.

    Keep up the good work! I think you are well on your way to being the Amibroker (Incredible Power & Amazing Value rolled into one) of the new generation of tools.
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    1) We plan on offering a system development course in the low price range $69.00 to $99.00 on the site. That will come with all the course materials and systems , plus a demo of TradersStudio. It will be a fully functional except you will not be able to add your own data or update it, so it will be of no use for actual trading. We also plan on offering a way to make the courseware run beyond 30 days. We do plan on crediting a good percentage of what you pay for the course for when you purchase TradersStudio. Free demo's if you want to turn them into sales drain support. I think this qualifies the customers. In addition are are also selling this course for existing TradersStudio owners. It's a complete days worth of material, maybe even 2 days. It covers developing trading systems and even a introduction to money management using multiple trading systems. I could sell it for a lot more money but I want to use it to promote TradersStudio.

    2) Let's now talk about what a Session and Trade Plan is and what is the difference. A Session is 1 system on 1 or more markets. A TradePlan is a high level control which processes 1 or more sessions one bar at a time and allows you to communicate between the TradePlan and the Session(s). You can change the number of contracts/shares. You can filter trades based on user defined factors for example only allow one entry per sector. You can use a TradePlan to develop any type of money management you can dream of. This has as much power as any other product on the market regardless of price!. This is the type of power once limited to large hedge funds with unlimited budgets.

    3-4) The wizard is exactly what you expect drag and drop with templates, reuseable components. In addition you can also develop your own templates and add them to the wizard.

    5) Yes, TradersStudio supports multiple time frame analysis.

    6) Not sure yet

    7) The real time version which supports automated Trading is currently in early beta and will be ready late this year or early next.

    8) Our API addin interface is so powerful that we can develop all these features as addins, update them without having to upgrade the core product. For example if I want to add a new feature to the wizard , I don't need to change the core product in theory. The same is true if I add the index addin. TradersStudio's addin manager even allow you to modify the menu's , from a Addin , just like Excel. In terms of functionality their is no difference between a native feature and a addin.

    9) In addition this approach also let's me begin to develop price levels. I am sure some people would not buy a $799.00 product which would buy a $499.00 or $599.00 one. People can also start with the entry level product and purchase the addin to get the new features. The base version of TradersStudio offers features that are not even in $3000.00 products like walk forward system testing with active orders for the next day trades. My goal is to offer the best value.

    10) Our language is really very very similar to Excel VBA, except for the GUI part. We offer a full source level debugger and wanted to make this available to a wide range of people. We could have used a .NET approach but then it would have limited our base to programmers. Our basic language is a hybrid between EasyLanguage and Basic. Setting up the bar array concept and the concept how multiple calls to the same function using these bar array with different arguments produce different instances of the function but with the same arguments produce the same instance would have taken too much programming knowledge for non programmers. We looked at TradeStation structure and I think the translator would not have been anywhere near as easy to develop if we used .NET as the first cut. Our language has the same structure as EasyLanguage for example, functions can return bararrays. Bararrays are not like standard array and have special properties.

    People who wanted to could write addins in C++ or VB 6.0, so you could program TradersStudio in these languages.

    Currently we are in the process of writing a wizard to convert TradersStudio basic to VB.NET , this will make the scripts run faster and not require as advance a programming knowledge. This will be an addin package for TradersStudio.

    Thank you for your interest and I hope you join our family soon.
  8. I am sold Mr Ruggerio. Where do I sign? :p

    Seriously, I think I'll order this weekend. 3, 4 & 5 did it for me. Please... please... please add 6. I was quite prepared to buy both TS & OpenQuant, but from 7 looks like I might not have to. I like the fact that OQ uses C# though, as I am a programmer in my other life :) You make a very good point in 9.

    I was about to order OQ a few weeks ago, but realised that to do the kind of testing Robert Pardo talks about in his book would require a lot of effort on my part. However, it looks like that kind of 'anal' testing is what TS was designed for. Have you read his book? I have a very good idea what your answer to that question is :)

    I really like the vision you have for the product... count me in!
  9. Murray Ruggiero

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    I will poll my customer base. We add features which have reasonable pecentage of the base requesting them, maybe 20% to 30%. I know Bob Pardo uses TradersStudio and he was a big help with the Walk Forward features when we were developing them.

    Also remember I am here to answer questions and you will see from my past posts I do share alot of information with people.

    If you are going to buy TradersStudio I also recommend you purchase the Genetic optimizer also. This product will speed up the effective time of the optimization by a factor of 10X to 30X!.

    Here the link for a combo deal

    If any of the ET members order it and PM me I will send you either ORB video and code

    or the 3D Addin & System Validator™

    Free. I will make this offer to the first 25 people who order this combo and PM me after ordering.
  10. Hmmm.... Very interesting - I just finished Mr Pardo's book yesterday. It made me decide to place much more emphasis on testing than I had originally intended to.

    I want to automate some strategies I am developing, and hence my interest in OQ. But the default analysis report doesn't even have things like percentage winners, Profit Factor etc. I then decided to use my trusted war horse Amibroker for testing & OQ for automation. But as I read Mr Pardo's book, I realised that even AB would struggle to deliver everything asked for by Mr Pardo in a seamless fashion.

    Infact, I didn't know of any other package out there that was up to the task. From the snippets I had 'heard' about TradingBlox, I decided to check it out & see if it could deliver. Ofcourse, I came to ET to do my research :). On one of the threads discussing TB, TS was also mentioned. I had actually thought TS was just another one of them 'run of the mill' tools and had never bothered to check it out.

    As I read more about TS, I realised that it offers everything (including Walk Forawrd Analysis) that Mr Pardo advocates. I should have guessed that he has influenced it in some way.

    Anyway, you are a great sales man :D. Thanks for the free add-in. I was going to buy TS regardless. I've just ordered the combo deal as you suggested. Will PM you with details. What's with the $5 shipping charge? Is the software not available as a download?
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