TradersStudio 2.0 is Released

Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, May 28, 2006.

  1. Murray Ruggiero

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    We have just released TradersStudio 2.0. We are starting to ship the product on Tuesday. We have also upgraded all of our existing users from version 1.3.6.

    This product represents the next generation of trading software. Please visit our site and take a look at our new product. Here is a link to the product overview page.
  2. the new 2.0 version is intra day?
    but not live? if so live, with who?
    and the cost?

    pat rogers
    patrick henry trading systems
  3. BENG


    Just finished trying it out following the Quick Start Guide. Awesome, a big leap from V1.36.

    I'm sure I will have other anal requests once I get my hands dirty with it, but so far, the support has been great. At least Murray will offer to help everytime I ask... ggg
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    The 2.0 version does intra-day backtesting but does not trade live. It can also backtest money management using intra-day or mixing intra-day and end of day systems.

    Live version will be shipped this fall, it is in early beta now at a few sites. We will support the TradeBolt trading interface and all the brokers they support. This includes IB,Gain and all future brokers who use JTrader.

    We also plan on support ESignal and other data feeds.

    If you purchase the product now the cost is $499.00. People who upgrade to real time, existing customers will have at least 25% over discount over buying later. We plan on the upgrade to real time costing $395.00. Remember this is yours after, no monthly lease, you only need to upgrade if you want to.

    Projected Price for Live version is 1295.00
  5. Murray Ruggiero

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    Thank you .

    Take a look at the addin packages. I have released several addins which are available for TradersStudio 2.0

    This includes the code for the ORB video. Many of you might find this of interest. Also my Intermarket,Report Day ,Cycle package as well as my Neural Network addin. We are selling these for a limited time for more than 50% off as a package deal. Take a look.

    This means that you can have all these addins for $599.00 and for you who don't own TradersStudio you can purchase it for $499.00 and then purchase all these addins. This give you a amazing deal. You can also buy indivdual addins if you own TradersStudio. We have price them 20%-40% off during this roll out.
  6. How about 3 times more EL keywords and functions missing from TS.8, where you said traderstudio was updated until TS2000i?
  7. mktman


    How does this software compare to neoticker?

    Is this software primarily geared toward trading systems and strategies and not any discretionary trading?
  8. How about a 30-day trial version? Or whatever time limiations you deem appropriate. Would like to taste before biting :D

  9. Hello Murray,

    Few inquiries:

    - One of the setups relies on a certain pattern that would be difficult to program, so if I mark the entries manually on the chart, would it still calculate things like MAE/MFE, optimum stoploss etc.

    - Any writeups on the add-ins?

    - Are you considering the release of a trial version soon?


  10. Murray Ruggiero

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    Some types of pattern which are difficult to program can be programmed close enough to be useful. One example of this is that TradersStudio ships with a CupAndHandle indicator and user function which can be used in system development.
    In addition things like Neural nets are good at pattern detection.
    What types of patterns are you interested in.

    Another thing you can do is create a file with a date stream and 1,0,-1 for position and order type field and use that as a second data stream and code a system to take those trades. That would do what you want. Then you can create discretionary backtest.

    I could see how it could be done without too much trouble.

    We have the addins written up on our site. I plan on adding more detail write up soon.


    Intermarket Divergence

    Neural Net and Kernel Regression

    ORB addin

    Report Day Database

    We don't currently have a demo version , but we do offer a 30 day money back policy.
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