TradersStudio 15% off holiday sale!.

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    TradersStudio is having a 15% off holiday sale until December 26th. This is 15% off of all items we sell on This means you can buy TradersStudio less than $425.00 and still get a free upgrade to the Professional Version when we release it.
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    Here is the press release on our holiday sale, which I previewed in this thread a few days ago.

    Happy Holiday Sale 15% off All Products

    Happy holidays to all! We are offering a 15% discount off any products on the TradersStudio website January 6, 2009. This includes the TradersStudio Trading Platform software, Systems, Addins, Data, and Books.

    If you've been thinking about buying TradersStudio here is a chance to save on the TradersStudio 2.5.5 software. In addition you will receive the upgrade to the TradersStudio Professional version when it is release free if you order now!

    If you've been thinking about buying TradersStudio here is a chance to save about $75.00 on TradersStudio software alone! In addition you will receive TradersStudio ProfessionalT when it's release free if you order now! Here is the link for the TradersStudio platform:

    Futures Truth has ranked two of Murray Ruggiero's systems at the top of the multi-market systems. These two systems are SuperTurtle and the Trend Harmony (Simple Harmony) System. Superturtle is ranked number #7 multi-market system since release! Trend Harmony is ranked number #4. SuperTurtle is part of Murray Ruggiero's System pack, which lists for $399.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and $899.00 including a copy of TradersStudio. Find Murray Ruggiero's systems listed in the link below.

    Receive the Trend Harmony along with Murray Ruggiero's System pack. The cost of this is $899.00 without TradersStudio and $1299.00 with TradersStudio. With this purchase Murray has announced to ship with the System Pack as a bonus the top ranked SuperTurtle system! Only available for this special offer this will not be packaged together in the future. This package also includes the new version which is designed works with electronic markets as well as a TradeStation version of Simple Harmony. In addition we are adding a small account version of Simple harmony!

    TradersStudio & Trend Harmony:

    The TradersStudio Membership Programs:

    The TradersStudio Gold and platinum membership programs offer a great value. You receive the Genetic optimize, CodeWizard and the 3D Excel Optimizer addin. In addition receive free upgrades to TradersStudio for the next year. This will include version 2.7 which includes many added reports and features, such as daily and quarterly equity reports and well as drawdown reports and distribution charts.

    Here is a link to the Gold membership:

    Here is a link to the Platinum membership:

    Thank you for supporting our products over the years and we wish you and your family and friends a happy healthy and safe holiday season.

    Sincerely, TradersStudio Family
  3. Thanks for the great offer, shall look into it at once :)

    Please may I ask a few questions:
    a) Regarding the Professional, how many new functions have been added since 2.5.5 version?
    b) Are there any functions or features which only TradersStudio has and others do not?
    c) If buy TradersStudio now, can I avail the free update later on?
  4. The offer is really good :) Is there anything for us who already have TradersStudio?
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    Yes, the price of the Harmony package is $899.00 for existing TradersStudio owners and you will recieve a 15% discount making it $764.15.
  6. Thanks, Mr. Murray for remembering your old customers. :) That is a real good offer! :) :D
  7. Can I have the answer? Please, thanks! :)
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    We have over 400 new function and 15-20 new reports and charts. TradersStudio has many many features which other products do not. One example is built in Walk forward testing including walk forward testing on portfiolo. We also have advance handling of stocks to handle splits and dividends.

    You will get a free upgrade to TradersStudio Professional if you purchase TradersStudio now.
  9. Thanks Murray for the answer. :) Shall look into the offer and make a decision soon. :)
  10. Have bought TradersStudio and am eager to try it out. :) Nice to know that I bought something new for myself before Christmas and New Year! :) :D
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