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    Review of the Traders’ Secrets

    This book is an interesting and unique one as it puts across the trading techniques and the requirements for success in this tricky field through the eyes of the 14 ordinary people from different walks of lives, who made it big just because they thought they could.

    This book is different, as you do not feel that you are reading some management or scientific book. It is a book easily understood and enjoyable by all kind of people serious in trading field, as it walks with you through the lives of the people interviewed. The best part is that the writer has taken pains to put the lives in simple words and the flow is smooth and it holds your interest until the very end.

    Each chapter of the book is based on the people interviewed, with details of their lives, their struggles and dreams and how they made it big. It also lists their methods and researches they applied in their field. It is a trip into the minds and lives of these people having different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, economies, education and occupations. Moreover, the writer has not only put down their lives and methods but also analyzed their thinking, strategies, emotions, and methods.

    Thus, this book is unique in style and content than the numerous other books available in this field in the market, as it is practical with true live stories written and analyzed. It is a biography of 14 people plus their analysis in a single book.

    A book that dispels the fear and doubts of would-be traders and existing traders, and shows that patience, perseverance and foresight are required. Moreover, after reading these inspiring lives and the well-written analysis of their success, anyone shall surely get this feeling that it is possible to be a successful full time trader.

    If you have doubts over making it big in Trading, do not waste time and grab a copy now and see your hopes soaring as you read the book. It draws the best out of you and makes you believe in yourself. The best part is that it not only gives you hope but also helps you to make those dreams true.

    Please note that since I am not aware as to how to do an official book review, I am including the link to the book here, so that you all can have a look at the same:
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    what are the secrets?
    how bout giving us one of those nuggets of wisdom, whats the secret.
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    What type of trading are you interested in? This book covers Futures, Stocks, Short term trading, Long term investing, Option traders. Please convey your interests to me and I shall provide you an example.
  4. are you selling this or reviewing it? ET already has a book review site and so does Amazon. This stuff would be more appropriate there.
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    lists the methods huh?
    great, yet another book filled with methods that no longer apply.
    perhaps the author could have made millions by employing these methods, but instead world much rather write a book about.
    yeah, thats the ticket, i'll write a book about how othere have made money traing and then i'll be rich, filthy rich. muhahahahahahhahahah.
  6. This book is for traders and future traders who want to get past their own psychological limitations. Its basically psychological preparation. The most common characteristics of successful and failing traders are discussed at length in Traders Secrets.

    I recommend all of Toghraies books, they are excellent.
    You can buy the best ones usually used on Amazon instead of paying for the full course. Once you read one of toghraies books, you'll want them all, I did.

    Caveat emptor - you are what books you read.
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    Ok...since there is so much demand, I'll give ya'll the secret for Free: Ready????


    First step, have a framework to approach the market from that is valid.

    Second step: follow the plan the comes from said frame
  8. brandon - great idea.

    What psychological framework do you use when your trading framework starts losing money?
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    Why is this book not listed in the area for formal book review?
  10. I hope your book is better then your latin?
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