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  1. Homer


    Anyone have any experience working with these guys? If so what are your thoughts?
    Any additional background or details regarding their operation?
  2. what have you found? I sent you a pm.
  3. Homer


    Same deal as you had described in your PM. I'm trying to get a hold of some of their current or former traders to get a better idea of how the operation is running.

    It sounds like a decent option, but there just isn't enough info available to do the necessary DD. There are too many other options (with greater transparency) available to risk working with them.
  4. Please let me know if you end up talking to any of their traders. I was given a trader to contact. I called and left a message but haven't heard back from him.
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    guys.. their website... just look at it...
    trust your instincts.
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    whats the link.
  7. bronks


    You're joking... right?
  8. lmao...

  9. yeahh it looks like a first tier company...out of a shit hole in nigeria

  10. Any firm that writes "principles" instead of "principals" deserves to be made fun of and completely run out of business.

    Absolute idiocy!!!
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