TradersCap/GoldenBeneficialSEC ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tommcginnis, Nov 29, 2008.


    These appear to be brand new;

    They reference Penson;

    The TradersCap fee for $100,000 buying power seems equivalent to lower-cost prop houses.

    The urls appear to be new as of August of 2008 (YOW.)

    If you google TradersCap and HYIP, you get a bunch of what appears to be glowing and incestuous commentary.

    I'm looking to scalp a sub-$25k account, w/o Series 7; I have a positive trade rate of 100% over last 100+ trades.

    Comments, referrals to other capital, prop, or "member trading organizations", or financing short of Cousin Vinny wit' de beat-up nose, appreciated.
  2. Woh a you have to pay $375 to get the extra leverage with a 5K account
    good for people who cn trade good