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    i am living in the melbourne fl. area , trying to find another trader to talk to for ideas , advice,general b.s. have some self taught skills that seem marginal at best.if someone would be interested in a few brief discussions to maybe help me fine tune a few things i would be forever grateful.some of my questions have to do with chart settings,entry ,and exit indicators,etc...if someone is willing to give me a few minutes on the phone that would be great. i'll use my dime for any long distance advice. as far as me talking to someone on this keyboard, they would fall asleep waiting for my response.not a good typer at all. so if therre are any local or long distance guys out therre willing to give me a few minutes i would appreciate it. if u respond to this i'll give u my number or whatever. would really like to talk to another trader day or swing trader thanks alot dave