Traders, Yes We Can.

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  1. <p>Currency trader becomes PM of New Zealand.
    <br />&nbsp; Profile: John Key
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    <p class="first"><b>John Key made a fortune as a currency trader before returning to New Zealand to pursue his political ambitions.</b>
    <p>Critics said that with only six years' experience as an MP, he did not have the experience to successfully lead New Zealand as prime minister.
    <p>But after rejuvenating the centre-right National Party, he has swept to power in an election dominated by change.
    <p>"In their hundreds and thousands across the country they have voted for change," he said after his victory. <!-- E SF -->
    <p><b>Long-held dream</b>
    <p>John Key was born in Auckland and brought up by his mother after his father died when Mr Key was only six years old.
    <p>After training as an accountant, he became a currency trader in New Zealand, before moving to Singapore and then London.
    <br />During a successful, and highly-paid career, he earned the nickname "smiling assassin" for his ability to remain cheerful while making staff cuts.
    <br />In returning home and running for political office he "fulfilled a long-held ambition".
    <p>He won the Helensville seat in 2002 - and again in 2005, having increased his majority eightfold.
    <br />Mr Key, who is married with two children, was elected leader of the party in 2006.
    <br />Analysts says he has forced National into the political middle, accepting Labour policies such as the anti-nuclear law and the deployment of troops to Afghanistan.But his pledge to lower taxes and get tough on criminal gangs also appealed to voters.
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