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  1. Life is Short, Just Do It.

    I wonder how many traders out there are like me and have always thought in the back of their minds to spend a year or even two traveling the globe. If you are a successful trader, you know that you have the means and the ability to do this without sacrificing your income since you can work from almost anywhere. Having this ability and not taking advantage of it seems a shame and an utter waste of opportunity. How many people with regular jobs probably think to themselves, "If only I could work from anywhere or were financially independant I would roam the globe, experience many different cultures and live a dream life". We successful traders can live this dream that the average Joe can only fantasize about. If you are researching ideal places to live (as many seem to be doing based on the popularity of the "best places to live/trade" threads) what better way then to spend a few weeks or months living in an assortment of potential locations, and experience them first-hand actually living and working there for a time. So why not do it? Laziness? Procrastination? Fear of change and the unknown? Family? Why not do it with your family? If no family, would it help to do this with a small group of other traders rather than having to motivate yourself to do this alone and on your own?

    I wanted to throw this out there, partly tongue-in-cheek but also partly seriously, to see what kind of responses are had, and if it would by chance spark thoughts leading to a conclusion of feasibility and subsequent plans to perhaps do something like this as a very small group, or others to consider doing it on their own or with their families. It's probably a long-shot that there would be a collection of even a few like-minded individuals who are also successful enough to have the means along with the spirit of adventure to do this, and also as a group have a certain amount of compatibility personality-wise to make something like this workable. Perhaps most of you guys (and gals) out there are too tied down with families or other responsibilities, or the ones not tied down are a tending towards being social-outcasts and adhd types who have no interest in much else beyond the next winning trade.

    Please share some thoughts.
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    I've thought about this a lot. I think the idea of taking a year and travelling the world while trading would make for an interesting

    I've had the idea of having traders on ET putting their names on a list and hosting a travelling ET Trader. The deal would work that you would be able to stay with ET traders in other countries and also host them in your country. It would be a fun way to travel and possibly dangerous knowing some of the crazies on this board. LOL. I think we have people on this board from just about every desirable country in the world, why not. This way it would kind of take the desolation out of the travelling alone thing.

    Plus imagine what you could learn trading wise!!!!
  4. a trading pilgrimage... pretty good idea if you ask me :)
  5. The adventure Capitalist is one of my all time favorite books not because of what you learn business wise but from his travels and the different cultures.

    I will be the 1st to sign up for atrading tour, count me in. I would like to hit Europe. Asia SA and AU for sure :D
  6. Wow, your post really sums up exactly what I have been thinking for awhile now. In fact I have been doing some serious research into how I could go about this. In my case it would most likely involve getting residence in Malta where I can structure my trading to be almost tax free. I probably would not spend much time there, but rather travel from country to country spending 1-3 months at each location.

    I'm a single guy in my 30s so the plan is to go it alone. I must admit that is a bit daunting as it can be difficult to meet new friends to socialise with when you are only in places for a short time. It can also be a bit dangerous in a foreign country with no travelling partner if something goes wrong.

    I think the idea of setting up a small group of like-minded traders is absolutely fantastic and I am VERY keen to hear from anyone who is serious about doing this.

    Live the dream.
  7. I'm also a single trader in my mid 30s. a group of 4 traders would be ideal
  8. If you're interested in SE Asia just check out this link. The pass includes Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Bali, Seoul among many others.

    It's the best deal I have seen. Cathay is one of the best airlines I have ever flown on and as an added bonus they seem to understand the value of cute skinny flight attendants.
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    Well, my plan was not to have a group of people to travel with but rather a group of traders to stay with! LOL. You just hop from country to country and stay with different traders and have them take you out on the town and show you the sights, etc. Bitty, I'm talking about YOU! This way you can go to the places you want to go.
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