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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by elit, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. elit


    Hi, who are the people with the most posts here?

    I have seen guys with 10000+ posts, is that even possible? Do you have time to trade or are you just spending your entire days enjoying the elitetrader board.

    Is there any ranking list? Who are the top 10 "performers"? :D
  2. Why do you call them "traders" with the most posts?

    I would think that the more you post, the less you trade.

  3. Bob Polski only had 1 post, and he still closed the sale...That was Polski
  4. elit


    lol, well I just assume that folks on elitetrader are considering themselves traders.

    I would also think the more you post the less you trade, but it could also mean the opposite - full time traders have time to sit here, unlike part time traders with day jobs. :)
  5. stock_3er and day7793......both worthless
  6. rcj


  7. Trading is like 95% of the time SITTING and WAITING, not pushing buttons (unless you are a high frequency scalper of course)... So I don't think posting on a forum can distract trading (unless it's one of those moments when action is needed).


    And the main question is - how is this going to benefit YOU? ImPO you might not have a lot of posts under you belt, but this thread is clearly a winner :)

  9. That is so true. I spend 95% of time waiting, watching, planning and observing price and charts actions
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