Traders with mental problems

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  1. Depressives can have negative thoughts on trades , anxiety can influence negative decisions or hesitancy , stress can induce early exits or unknown exits depending on positive or negative stress, panic attacks can induce cut your losses syndrome , fear can trigger panic attacks , knowledge can trigger greed , emotions can trigger false entries etc

    How do you embrace and win all the above psychological issues related to trading?

    Trading is very easy and is only 20% , psychology is the hard part and makes up 80 % of trading .Is this statement correct?If yes why don't mentors teach/train more psychology?
  2. Simple. Code the algo. As long as computers don't get some emotional simulation upgrades in the distant future, it will work.
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    I had a brain injury.... ran fevers of over 107F for extended periods of time. And all the psychotropic meds that were suposed to help me heal, made me worse. Pill pushers said 'we can't help you, you are on your own.'

    3 yrs after still had mental health labels. Many you list above, and more.
    Was in a cognitive rehab program which surely helped.
    But just finished year 4 and had my all day eval with the neuropsych people.
    Regained my IQ points. Mood was much improved. No mental health labels. whoo hooo...
    The Head Dr said she didn't know what I did to improve so unexpectedly, but whatever it was, keep doing it.

    A year ago I started day trading the ES to make my brain and emotions work... Time pressure, decisions... win, lose... feel that... to get instant feedback that was real (within the system). I could chart my progress or lack there of. Traded one contract. No background in trading before.
    Worked like a dog, and damn straight I'm motivated.
    Workiing with a rehab psychiatrist as well as competent trading mentors for support.

    Am I successful as a trader. No. But I am starting to see strings of winning days. Had six days in a row last month! That was a first. No question in my support people that I can make it, and be consistant. It's happening.

    What can I say? If you need help, get it. Don't know why trading teachers don't teach more of it.

    Trading has a possiblity beyond being just about the money.
    It can be about maturing thru those psychological issues.
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    Good story , glad to read it.
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    lots of luck. stick to your path.

    there are a quite a few people with undiagnosed personality disorders on this chat board. they might learn a few thing from you on the art of coping. best of luck.
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    Great read Hooti! Glad you are doing better. Good luck in the future.

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    Trading is simple, not easy. There is a difference.

    One of the things that makes trading hard is that the feedback is poor. Often you do everything right and you lose. Or you make a bonehead play and you win.

    Most people don't really understand randomness. Once you accept that stuff just happens, you can start to get into the flow.
  8. Yes, that is correct, develop a trading plan and stay with it. You will be fine.
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    Succint reply.

    Once a person understands that win, lose or draw all that matters is that you followed the rules then you are on the way success.
  10. Trading is simple .Agreed.

    I once traded randomness for a whole week , it returned 20% profit in the week.I never had any problems with being wrong , cause I never took a directional position.All the psychological problems associated with trend trading disappeared. Nowadays I use a random strategy with a trend bias and unique position sizing to recover for losses as a result of randomness.It does look rosy from here, and it does eliminate the feedback.
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