Traders with bad backs!

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  1. Anyone use one of those "knee chairs?" -- or any other type of special chair??

    My lower back starts screaming sometimes by the end of the trading day. This is a new thing (I guess hitting 40 will do that to you). I'm pretty active (running, volleyball, gym, etc) -- and this generally aggravates the back even more.

    I'm thinking that switching chairs would be a better idea than guzzling gin martinis to ease the pain!
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    I did try a knee chair but found the pressure on my knees worse than my back! I traded in my leather ikea chair for a Herman Miller Aeron. They are expensive but you can get them cheaper on ebay. Check the herman miller website for sizing first so you by the right size aeron. I can sit for the whole day without even noticing it now.
  3. I agree, those knee things are crap - they hurt your knees and you end up contorting your back to stay comfortable.

    I tried out an aeron and I've never sat in a more comfortable chair - got to get one.



    I actually had neck problems from a normal office chair, then I switched to a knee chair and they quickly disappeared.

    The problem for me was the fact that my lower back curved one way, and my upper spine curved the other way from my head craning up to look at monitors. For this, the knee chair was the only way to go. It kept my entire spine curved the same way, and my stiff neck got better...

    Sounds like your problem may be different, so maybe the knee chair won't help, but for $60 (incl free shipping) it's worth a try. You can always take it back if it doesn't help...
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    Tried a knee chair some years ago too. Shifted the pain from my back to the knees.

    Try a chair for people with intervertebral disks problems. Those are the best. Remember to sit no longer than about 45 minutes without standing up and walking a bit through the office.

    I would also recommend to use two different chairs and to change them every 2-3 hours to avoid unhealthy posture.
  7. think I'll pick up an Aeron on EBAY. The size chart specifies that I need a size "B" or "C".

    I'm 6'0", 185. Anyone have a suggestion on whether I should get the B or C?

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    Get all adjustments and the lumbar support. Easier to get a B then a C, more for sale.

    Basically you put your feet in the stocks on the machine and it shakes your ankles sideways at adjustable speeds and time lengths. This causes your entire spine to curl left and right in a continuous wave form motion the way a fish's does when it swims. I find it decompressed the lower back discs that get compressed from sitting too long. I used to get sciatica from time to time because of sitting too long at a desk. I have not gotten sciatica since using the machine regularly. I won't vouche for the other new age stuff being touted for the the machines. I just find it helps my back. One caution I have about it is that you have to have good knee caps to use it because you kneecaps get skaken sideways.
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    I'd highly recommend the C for you. I sat in a B and the seat was way too shallow (front to back) for me. I can't imagine who would fit in an A. I ordered the C and it's perfect for me. I'm 5' 11" and 165#.
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