Traders with 100K+ buying power

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RainMaker3000, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. maybe we can help each other
  2. tuna


    what the hells going on with this board lately,is it school holidays over there or something?
  3. Inmates are running the asylum. Have buying power, but not yet willing to use it on the long side. Staying short until three up days in a row.
  4. lescor


    You mean by pooling our resources and buying all at once to make the market go up?

    I could probably round up a million with my professional leverage. You get a bunch of other guys together and we'll pick a time to start buying, just let me know.

    BTW, you go first.
  5. rs7


    In what way?
  6. maybe we can take over/raid a small company...
  7. i'm thinking we can buy enough shares to vote in a new board of directors, cut cost , make a couple hunderd million
  8. actually I think I could take wcome private by buying all the shares on my corporate american express right now.
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    :D :D :p

  10. :D Thanks for the laugh!
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