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  1. I am currently trading from home. I used to trade with a prop firm and the costs of the commute were way too much when compared to my earnings. IF ANYONE OUT THERE WANTS TO communicate through yahoo mesesnger during the day to share ideas, send me a note through this site and maybe we can setup a group of guys to trade with.

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    Count me in. Let'd do it.
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    I just sent you a PM........I'm interested as well.:)
  4. if you are truly a good and profitable trader, why on earth would you want to go around sharing ideas? you are making your profits from the masses of people who dont know what they are doing. the more of them out there, the better it is for you.
  5. I never claimed to be good and profitable. So stop trying to put people down all of the sudden without knowing anything. I am not making a killign at trading but Iam doing so so, I just wanted to see if there were guys similar to me wanting to share ideas with each other during the day-Sharing ideas is a good thign when you sit in front of the computer for 6 horus at home. I trade from hoem now and missed GIGA today and thoguht I might as well see if guys want to share ideas. I could have caught giga today if I had more cotnact wit hpeople. If there is something wrong with that then sorry bro, go crawl back in your hole man!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    pm on the way.
  7. Only equities or futures too?
  8. Equities.........
    I have been happy with the responses so far. Seems like this could be a good thing and maybe we could actaully try to get togeth sometime if it works out.
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    you've got a short fuse.
    think about how it affects your trading
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    I am interested as well, equities for me to..
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