Traders who still live with their mother.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Debaser82, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. What do you do when she keeps nagging about getting a real job?
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    well, if you are profitable, and can pay for your upkeep, tell her you will leave if she cannot support you psychologically...very few people outside of fellow traders really understand...which is why this board is so important.

    if you cannot pay for your upkeep, perhaps its time to get a part time job to pay your way.
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    I've moved back in with my parents (I bought the house a few years ago, so I'm not sure who's house it is, I've always basically considered it theirs) this summer after I had the flesh eating strep complication of surgery to have a lymph node removed. In my case it's been nice, I think for her too. With me being sick she'd been spending half of her time at my place taking care of my sick ass anyway and was not seeing my dad as much as either of them would have liked. I think it's more comfortable for everyone with me back at home. My health situation has improved a lot since then so I'm planning on moving out in the spring, but I honestly wish I'd have swollowed my pride and moved back in a lot earlier as it's made things much easier for everyone during the time I've been ill.
  4. Does it count if shes dead and stuffed in a cupboard somewhere?
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    with the economy they way it is....

    moving home with mamma sounds like a great idea....

    its a jungle out there
  6. Im moving in with my grandma next week for a variety of reasons.

    Im not sure she will even notice Im there, shes 94.
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    the older you get the smarter your parents seems to become.
  8. Geez...I'm getting tired of all these Timmay Sykes threads! :p
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    were else can you find a private

    no one cooks like mammma

    best of both worlds.....
  10. Only if you're still collecting her Social Security check. :cool:
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