Traders who specialize in Shorting

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  1. Hello,
    Are there traders in here who specializes in shorting stocks instead of going long?

    - Extreme notifications in the short before they make their big moves.
    - 5%-8% within 2-3 days
    - Fear is powerful then greed
    - Less chop

    Tell us if you are a shorter specialist and what you like about it/ don't like about it, experiences and stories in it.
  2. You should definitely give Bob Pretcher a call. The guy is bear on the market everyday.
  3. Anyone who only concentrates on going short is missing out on a whole lot of good investment opportunities.

    I believe any good trader is equally focused on recognizing both long and short investments.
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    I have a funny story. I trade on the short side most of the time. (Most of my profitable trades anyway)

    I caught CPST near its intraday high on the day it first broke out in the beginning of August. It dribbled down from its high much of the afternoon. I let it ride into the afterhours. After I got home from work, I was still watching the markets and had cnbc on tv for some background. Although still up for the day CPST drifted a good deal further down in the after market. I decided to take the money. No sooner had I pressed the buy button and covered the stock (I am talking seconds) Jim Cramer leads off his show talking about how great CPST is and how it could be a $40 stock in the future.

    I turned back to my screen and watched as CPST went absolutely ballistic. It was up about 30% above its intraday high in about 1 1/2 minutes. I shorted it again this time at an even higher average than my previous trade. I covered near the open the next morning for another nice gain.

    My compliance officer got a kick out of my email explanation for my days trades.
  5. Forget about long or short.
    Learn how to make a profit.
  6. Nonosense,
    You may be still struggling to become a profitable trader, but some of us aren't.

    We are refering to the profitable traders who specialize in shorting who like the downside because of its benefits.
  7. What happens to shorties if we enter another long bull market?

    Could lead to poor results.

    A master trader feels no emotions and has no preferences. He is able to adapt to whatever market conditions currently apply.
  8. Reno,
    I agree with your statement, but just wanted to clarify,

    I was refering to shorting<B> specialists</b>, which means they should be an expert in knowing not to short on tops , bull markets, up days that are not at important points.

    just like how mutual funds who go long only, they tend to stay in all cash during the bear market.

    So its someone who specializes in one unique method and does nothing else, they should very well know when is the best time to short or cash and when a bull market is appearing to do nothing.

    Because I think everybody must be thinking that I am refering to shorting makes better money, it is not.
    Its just one style of trading, like pairs trading, arb trading , etc..

    Hope this clears things up.
  9. It's against ET etiquette to ask about these kind of things.
    From the title of your thread nononsense inferrred that his counseling might possibly be beneficial.

  10. I'm a bear but I rather go long commodities or foreign markets than short US equities. My aversion of shorting US equities comes from experience (bad) and deeper knowledge of market manipulations, like Kramer and other assorted "bullish" pundits on TV and other financial publications come about. I have been watching and playing the markets for nearly 20 years...
    If I wanted to short the US market I rather play with RYDEX bear funds than anything else.
    Disclaimer: I play for the longer haul so your experience as daytrader my vary.
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