Traders who made billions

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  1. Here is a problem I have with trading. I have not seen traders in Forbes list. What is the point of being in a profession that did not show you can be in the world richest people?

    Who are the richest traders that made it in trading? The upside is limited, and the probs are slim. So why do you want to be in this profession?

    My current answer to "Traders who made billions?": NONE
  2. Just out of curiosity, how much time did you spend on coming up with this question? I sure hope for your sake it was less than the amount of time I spent reading it and typing this.
  3. You don't consider hedge fund managers to be traders?

    According to Forbes for 2009 "Last year there were 39 American billionaire hedge fund managers; this year there are 28."
  4. All hedge fund owners are comprised of serveral traders in the group taking a cut.

    Last time i checked tons of owners on the billionaire list.
  5. They do not make money as traders, but by selling their services as traders. Two different things.

    Hedge funders= smart arb
  6. So it is taking the cut that makes money, not trading.

    Do you know someone who made it by trading?
  7. It took me much longer, and probably will take even more time.

    Could you share? Or are you a bullshitter?
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    You are not looking hard enough. I see many.

    Most became hedge fund managers after amassing wealth, but started as traders:

    Soros, George
    Simons, James H
    Burkle, Ronald
    Cohen, Steven A
    Kovner, Bruce
    Druckenmiller, Stanley
    Lampert, Edward S
    Och, Dan
    Paul Tudor II
    Price, Michael
    Robertson, Julian H Jr.
    Bacon, Louis Moore
    Schwarzman, Stephen A.
    Sandell, Tom
    Steyer, Tom
    Rosenblatt, Lief
  9. Sorry Tide, but I disagree. Let us take Soros. Your main sentence
    should rather be: All/most started as traders, and amassed wealth as fund managers.

    The current answer to my question is still: none.
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    It's clear from your posts that you don't know much about trading nor are you very good at it. But don't feel bad. You're a great SPAMMER!!
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