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  1. It's hard for me to imagine any strategy trader who wouldn't like Bach. It's so mathmatical. I suppose the guys who dream of being rich would like Mozart. I don't know that much about rap, but I heard a very good bass line from a group called "Public Enemy." Every now and then someone plays a tune by John Coltrane and it brings back fond memories.

    So I guess you kids today have music that you love?

    Do you ever listen to music when you are trading?

    I suppose it's something you get on itunes or something else I don't understand.

    As for me, I like that oldtime fiddle music, and have made or lost more money working out a tune when the market is going wild.

    I can't guarantee you that I will ever listen to anything you recommend, but I like to stay current.

    I missed a whole generation because my kids listened to the same thing I did, from my own collection. How do you think it is to come home and your 12 year old kids are listening to "Anthem of the Sun" by grateful dead? Doesn't help you much

    But then when my dad came home I was listening to his 78rpm Duke Ellington discs.

    So what do you you young traders listen to?
  2. Great station with excellent music ( maybe for some young folks :) ) Jazz/ Blues
  3. I am most likely near your age, but I listen to Pat Metheny and Acoustic Alchemy with a bit of George Benson mixed in.

    Now when I am conceptualizing, I will listen to Boston, Earth, Wind and Fire, Olvia Newton John, and Elton John.

    How is that for eclectic?:D
  4. when I was a kid, there used to be what they called a "dime store" in Indianapolis called G.C. Murpheys. And just about ever week they would get a shipment of excess 33 1/3 lps that didn't sell and you could buy them for 99 cents.

    I have just about every B.B. King, John Lee hooker and Lighnin' Hopkins LP that was ever recorded.

    Plus many more. If It didn't sell I bought it. They also had a deal on a jazz label, I forget what it was called, but many of them had Herbie Hancock listed as the pianist. They said it was because he was the only one who was not "out to lunch" and he would just hang out at the studio and show up when the regular keyboard man didn't.
  5. Hans Zimmer "Time"
  6. yeah, Pat Metheny, didn't he have an album called "Highway 99" or something like that? It was the first new age guitar tune that made it to FM.
  7. what kind of music is it? Electronic? Computer? Accoustic? Most traders are very interested in time.
  8. ok, we made it two pages without anyone saying anything evil about someone else based on nothing more than the music they like. I would have put the over under line at 3 and a half.

    checked out "Time" on you tube. Maybe I just don't understand the frustration of youth today.
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