traders who have second jobs, what is it?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by NYC212, May 8, 2009.

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    I currently trade at a prop desk but I have a second job in a banking call center (big downgrade from my prior employement) but the hours are weekends and after the market so I can do both full time (I am one run down SOB red eyes all day long) but it helps pay the bills and I racked up some debt from a failed business idea I am still paying off, until I am doing well as a trader I really cannot leave

    I am actually at work as I type :D

    those who have second jobs what do you do?
  2. yo, real traders dont need no second job. maybe trading yo second job and dis yo real job. think bout dat holmes
  3. I will indulge you and post back

    since your post is an emotional one, you are asking if more people are in the bad boat you are in

    yes there are many

    too bad have to do something these "many" will never do

    you have to shed your emotions and learn about laws of probability, I strongly urge you to get few statistical programs and learn exactly what you are up against

    95% failure rate you shouldn't take lightly

    oh and just so you know, I am betting that you will ultimately fail and become 95% statistic

    just to remind you of that emotional detachment .......chump
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    I wish I didnt need a second job, but that is the way it is and I just need to suck it up.

    it is friday night and I am at work! you think I am happy, I am going to be back here 6AM too :(
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    You are doing the right thing. Don't let others discourage you.
    It is better for your frame of mind to earn something and not be isolated while you figure out your trading.
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    You should go to college
  7. Currently, trading is my second job and full time I work in telecommunications (sales, yuck!). I intend to trade full time and work part time in a few months depending on my advancement with paper trading. I've been in the markets for several years off and on and have began to paper trade 6+ months ago. From there I will drop the job and finish my degree while tradeing. My time frame for the said steps is rather slack, my hobbies are still high in my priority queue so the pace is mellow.
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    Actually grade school would be a big improvement.
  9. when yo grow up in west baltimore, yo lucky if you get thru grade school. shit, dat temptation to sling out on those coners is too much homey. Omar rise above tho, dont mean I goin stop talkin like I do.

    and fo that college comment, yea im sho lots of peeps be pissed off right now they paid 25 large a year to be having no means to make greens right now, you feel?


  10. I thought eubonics, was fake...I have been proven wrong.
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