Traders: who does your taxes?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by bat1, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. bat1


    it's tax time

    and like a fool I did like 400+ trades in 07
    and now the dead line is near.

    I kept no records of my trades and feel overwhelmed
    right now

    I just want to get staight and keep better track of
    my trades so this mess won't happen again


    call me names and all I already feel it coming


  2. Your broker has a record of transactions. em
  3. Surdo


    Relax dude!

    File an extension, pay a few bucks estimated, assuming you made money, and you have until October 15th to get it together.

    You need to file a State ext. as well as an IRS 4868 to buy 6 months time, remember you are liable for penality and interest if you owe tax.

    el surdo
  4. wrong forum to ask a tax question. No one here makes any money.

    Estimated quarterlies suck to no end ..especially if you made more this year than last. So your April 15th payment is fucking huge.

    I have to beg borrow and steal to make my payment due in 4 days.

  5. Surdo


    Thanks Putz!
  6. I couldn't be a bigger putz. I have a 226,000K payment that's due in 4 days.

  7. Fortunately, you set aside the money like an intelligent person does, so that won't be a problem...
  8. I wish...otherwise there would not be a problem.

  9. You really do not understand how to manage money. You could pay zero if you knew how.
  10. Do tell holmes....I'm all ears.

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