Traders we must pull our spiritual energy and reincarnate Hypo

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  1. Gather men and beasts alike
    Gather your power.... your might

    let us call upon those that decide

    let our word reach the spirit realm

    (For those who want a scientific explanation)
    If we focus really really hard,
    Hypo's soul will hear us and reincarnate under new name and come back to ET

    Granted he might now look a little different, or even be a woman

    but gosh darn it.............its hypo :D
  2. Dat pale pimple-ass bitch? Yo see whut Jacko be say 'bout he? He a CLOWN. A PIKER. No mofuck good! Lebe he be, sez me. He prolly bizzy pekkertrakkin' a al-go-riddem summers unner a fat gurlz sheetz!
  3. hey hey

    I can't believe that you created all those names in 2004

    how do you create a new name now and make it look like 2004

    or did you actually create them then and there


    you prolly work for baron and are keeping ET good enough so it doesn't collapse :eek: :eek:
  4. Yo see dem pitchers 'a Baron? See how he eyeball water? He be mah bitch! He shurt tale hang out lak he tung! He be mekkin yo bleeve ah be Mama Obama iffn ah wan he too.
  5. :D

    hey did you see my thread where I turn to learnin SCT

    them SCT folks make them dollars and I want to figure how :D

    funny thing is some guys will say how they took bits from SCT

    but no one NO ONE is saying I trade full SCT

    not even spyder