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  1. Be careful folks, I am experiencing numerous disconnects with IB today. For those IB "apologists" who attribute this to my system, I note that I have operative feeds for data (sierrachart and mytrack) both working just find through all this. Three disconnects within 5 minutes. Take care, steve46
  2. Disconnect #5. I am leaving the screen alone to see just how long this continues. By the way, nice breakdown trade in the ES just a couple of minutes ago. Wish I had a broker screen to trade it from. Regards, Steve46
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    IB apologists?

    I am running 56K from the East Coast and haven't seen an issue. Thursday morning, we had issues here as IB had a server down for an hour. IB has issues from time to time, no apologies for that.
  4. I was told to send an email to IB and place


    in the subject heading...

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    May be your location or Internet hub in your area? I've had no problems today here in Orlando.
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    I'm still trying to figure out why this board is in love with IB. Doesn't seem like such a great deal to me for stock trading.
  7. Thanks Ice, I'll do that now.
  8. Ive been running IB all day without any problems.
  9. none in Chicago either...

  10. No problems here in Brazil. TWS working well all the time.

    PS: I use a 512 kbps DSL connection.
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