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  1. Not at all, you can have one setup for $500. If you do the setup by yourself, it may even be cheaper. Especially if the only purpose is to get the better insurance rate. But I would consult with someone.

    Insurance companies usually require 2 employees to be signed up to get the better rate. But that may depend on the State you live in.
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  2. NOW THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!!! This is the right way to go.

    If a new group were to be organized, there would have to be some sort of checks and balances put into place to make sure it sitcks to it's agenda, and doesn't roll into someone's pocket.
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  3. But in order to get this group off the ground, it would need some serious funding. And somehow I believe that would be difficult in this enviroment.
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    RE> Start with individual traders bundling their combined order flow....In the business volume is everything. With volume behind call call your own shots. One trader means nothing, 20 combined traders can through some weight around. Work together.

    Jeff - I think your idea has merit, I mean isn't order flow everything in terms of the rate you get? Why couldn't this same idea apply to insurance rates, I can't see an insurance company NOT lowering it's rates if you have 25-50 people all ready to sign up rather than just 1 or a smaller group. They same could be applied to accounting or tax consulting cost's, wouldn't a CPA firm appreciate and lower their charges for a group of business, rather than just an individual, you could extrapolate this out to things such as office furniture, lease's...possibly even hardware /software cost's......maybe I'm to much of a dreamer but I really like the idea myself.

    good trading all,

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  5. You would think, right? Somehow it doesn't. There's just too much business right now for them.
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    Traders' union protects traders and f@#$% those whoever want to take advantage of traders out of the markets!

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    Thanks for this link - never even heard of it...

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  9. capitalism has to do with capital :) So it is not so ridiculous if one can get bigger by some sort of capital and also risk mutualisation. That's in fact the very foundation of finance industry: mutualising capital and risk. The problem is confidence into the person who is doing it.

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