Traders too want to save the planet !

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SNBthetrue, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Today I was a little bit surprised. I was watching some bloomberg tv... And I saw a lot of desks of the journalists empty, however all the screens were running... And it's always 4 screens...
    Same at some banks where they show the floor...

    I know that Electronic Trading isn't that much costly in Energy... However every little steps may help...

    Maybe in this post we could share some idea, strictly related to trading that everyone of us could freely apply.

    Here are my few proposal :

    1) In Windows Config menu put a time limit for the screen to automatically shut down... like 1 hours. I don't like to put less than that because if less I will be always troubled that my screen goes black.

    2) Switch to a 80+ certified power supply. The 80+ means that the power supply is energy efficient ( and thus getting running cooler... so it's silenter ).

    3) If your strategy permits it, uses an autotimer to shut down the computer when the market closed.

    4) Buy a multicords to plug your screen etc with a switch to turn it off when finished ( less energy and less energetic radiation... )

    Finally, I know that for some of you it may sound stupid... It's yours money do want you want with it... However it can be a great PR operation for the market... and in light of all the Transaction Tax and other a little + is always very good.