Traders that don't have computer background + Security know how are at disadvantage

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by HellCode, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. HellCode


    I find lack of computer security concerns among traders to be their Achilles' heel

    I installed a key logger and screen capture on my bosses computer because I realized he knows very little about his computer and even if I got myself fired, what I would learn would be worth it.

    I visited online forums about trading and find that almost no one talks about security for their algorithms or alternatively security for their trade history T/S etc.

    I like the fact that only I it seems worry about security. Can't understand why there isn't more security discourse though :confused:
  2. AyeYo


    And how about when you get fired, then arrested?
  3. Yeah yeah we get it. You think you’re some kind of security expert, and because of this, you think you should be instantly welcomed here and recognized as a highly skilled and valuable member of this community. I for one would be much more impressed if you came already equipped with the knowledge that its pointless and even stupid to try to impress anyone here.
  4. zdreg


    obviously the above post is not impressing anyone with the use of commas.

    the OP is acting on dangerous legal grounds and should consider seriously the possible unintended consequences of his actions.

    the Achilles's of a trader is not the computer security of his trading setup but his mind set..
  5. maxpi


    I want to set things up so a thief will steal a strategy that will take advantage of every thing his broker's API has that can destroy his account.. just starts trading and won't stop... hmmm, I've never thought about what strategy would lose the most money in the least amount of time... hmm.. hacker /thief /potential toe tag wearer starts up the strategy.. it captures his login info, moves itself to another computer halfway around the world and proceeds to destroy his account while what he is seeing on his machine is all good... I do like that idea, it's sort of like the exploding dye in the take from a bank robbery but with a lot more punch :D:eek:
  6. HellCode


    your alias says it all
    you must be another trader wannabe computer illiterate

    how else can I explain your immediate attacks, except jealousy
  7. HellCode


    that is very complicated, it would take too much work to make it look good
  8. HellCode


    not every programmer has the same set of skills

    I'll just leave it at that. That is why I made this thread, traders don't seem to know their weakness.
  9. Smurfie


    All great things come in threes. I had my hopes for this thread and dammit it delivers!

    1. Lamest look-at-me-mom claim in a long while. You installed a keylogger on your boss' computer? Really? Like really??? I'm breathless! Did you also like totally make a winning trade once?

    2. When called out for obvious retardedness, make an old and lame and irrelevant comeback. Next time you feel like firing off the "you must be a bad trader" line, please add that you're rubber and the other guy is glue. At least have the decency to tell him he lives in his mom's basement and works at McDonalds. That stuff is gold, man!

    3. When people point out that you're a common criminal (although I personally think you're a delusional tween), suggest you're a computer genius / secret agent / power ranger.

    Well played kid. Please enjoy these boards. :(
  10. What are you trying to sell? There may be infosec experts in ET and turn into trader. Be sure you are not oversold yourself.
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