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  1. I know theres a few old threads on here of some screen shots....but not many people seem to contribute to them....
    I thought id start another thread for people to post there screen shot so people can see what they are using...
    why havent we seen don bright's screen..?? Robert? what about you...and all you other echo and bright traders...and all you retail traders...lets see them...this is time to show off...lets see who wins this one :D
    its very easy to save your screen shot....just push the print screen bottom on the top right hand side of your keyboard then paste into a paint program...
  2. I tried that...but it doesnt work. Something about my card driver and such. Cant figure out another way to do this.
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    The best I can do to get it to show up on EliteTrader is black and white. Seems geocities thinks it uses to much space also.

    p.s. I've used SnagIt and JASC Paint Shop Pro
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    Hi everyone. I'm new here and this is my first post. I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and must say it's a good place to get the non-sugar coated feel for trading (dependent on the forum you are reading).

    The easiest way to grab a screen shot is to do an ALT+PrtScn (i.e. hold the ALT key down and then hold the PrtScn button down without letting go of the ALT key). This will capture the active window (i.e. the window that is in focus).

    If you want the entire desktop captured then use CTRL+PrtScn.

    You can open paint, WordPad, Word etc. and once open press Shift+Insert or Ctrl+V to place the picture in the application.

  7. welll at least we got one....lets keep them coming guys
  8. comon' theres gotta be more out there...
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